Monday, June 11, 2007


Am I the only person who took (almost) 33 years to notice that when motorcycle riders pass each other on the road they low five each other?

And I was voted most observant female in 8th grade... pfft.

If anyone can find a source online that explains this fidelity I would appreciate you sharing. I do have biker friends to ask, but I want to read up about it without being a dork and asking them about it.

Update: As ADW points out, it's actually more of a wave, but it's a low wave! No one actually touches anyone else. Can you imagine actually low fiving when you're each travelling at 50 mph in opposite directions? Ow.

Update 2: Hay is awesome and found this post about the secret hand signals. Hay rawks!


heather said...

I'm turning 32 this month and I've never noticed it.

My dad drives a Jeep. Jeep owners wave to each other when they pass on the road. I want a Jeep so I can do it too.

ADW said...

We used to have a motorcycle and we would always raise a hand when we passed someone, but never high fived. Sorry I can't help.

Poppy Cede said...

Heather - Happy almost birthday!! Mine is next month. When I first got my Subaru I wanted to wave to everyone who had one, but I didn't. Now I have a Kia and no desire to wave at the cruel, cruel world.

ADW - That's the thing! That's what I mean! I had no idea that happened until yesterday. You helped!

RW said...

MINIs exhibit the same phenomenon, but that's just because we're cool that way.

bdogg_mcgee said...

I never noticed anything like that, either, although when I was at school, the students who drove the buses would wave to each other when they passed on the road.

Did that make sense? I haven't had caffeine yet this morning....

anonymouscoworker said...

Here's what I found re: the biker wave.

chlorinejenny said...

We used to have a jeep until I was too prego to get in it any more. Worse decision ever to sell that thing) Jeep drivers always do a hand up-no wave. In the Westfalia I've noticed people give the peace sign.
I haven't noticed anything in the Suburu.

Joefish said...

This place is thick with bikers (lot of rallies, two Harley factories) and I've never noticed that behavior either.

sourpuss said...

In my early twenties I dated someone with a Honda Shadow and, when we were out on the bike, I noticed other motorcyclists waving so I asked him about it. He explained that little 'code of the road' and I thought it was pretty cool.

Motorcyclists do it regardless of the brand/model/type of ride.

It's not about what you drive... it's about the lifestyle & acknowledging someone else who's chosen to travel through life in a similar way... free, with the wind at your back, the open road ahead, and all that good stuff.

Rhys said...

I never noticed that! There was a Most Observant award? Or was that a joke? So either...congrats or haha! :)

Sleeping Mommy said...

When I was a kid riding the back of my dad's bike it was a higher wave--sometimes a fist.

These days its the low wave--and yeah, its pretty common all over the country. I think it happens more in areas where bikes are less common--you wouldn't see it at rallies and such as much because they'd be waving nonstop!

Poppy Cede said...

RW - Minis are so adorable.

B - It almost made sense. Almost. Did you ever get your caffeine?!

ACW - Thank you, you rock!

Jenny - Time to buy a new Jeep! :D

Joe - I guess Sleeping Mommy has explained the reason you haven't seen this phenomenon. :)

Sour - That makes sense. And you are such a rebel for dating a biker. Even if it was *mumble* years ago.

Rhys - I honestly did win the Most Observant superlative in my 8th grade yearbook.

Mommy - That's so cool. Now I wanna ride a motorcycle. :)

Jen said...

Never seen the biker thing, but the Jeep wave is a definite phenomenon. I am a Jeep owner and I would say about half of the Jeep drivers I see give the Jeep wave.