Friday, June 22, 2007

Best of

I will be posting another entry about Avi very soon because I :pinkpuffyheart: him and have something to announce, but I want to draw your attention to his post today which reveals that on Monday it was his 3-year blogiversary.

I didn't start reading Avi's blog regularly until 2006, but I've periodically spot-checked the archives and they get a double thumbs up by me. His earlier stuff actually shows you a lot more about the real man behind the curtain, if you're interested in getting to know him a little better.

Go visit, leave him lots of comments in his archives (after reading the posts, of course), then call him up and wish him a happy blogiversary! His number is slutted all over the internets, so I'm sure you can find it.

In case any of you were wondering, the post about NYCWD's son is not the other post I was alluding to here. I am horrified that my mind keeps thinking anyone would think this. No one has asked me about it, but I want to clear this up before anyone does get the wrong idea. It is complete coincidence that the very next post had anything to do with Avi.


Avitable said...

I've actually contemplated deleting everything earlier than 2006, because most of it was personal shit or link after link after link.

heather said...

Avi is such a whore.

Avi - Don't delete. At least not until I dig through.

sourpuss said...

Is your announcement that you're leaving Hay to be with Avi? Or that you're starting a cult to worship Avi? Or that you & Avi are actually brother & sister, separated at birth?

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - I already told you how I feel. If you delete them and don't put them somewhere else I'm coming over and (what was that thing I said I would do?).

Heather - He is a whore. An adorable whore. And he better not.

Sour - Um, no. No, he has his own. And, NO.