Saturday, June 16, 2007

A countain (which is a mixture of, I think, countdown and fountain, although I have no idea why)

And it now occurs to me that I mixed countdown with contain, which makes more sense -- a contained countdown. Yes, yes, what I meant all along.

So, what we've learned today, friends, is that (Mel, sweetie, are you paying attention?):
    1. It's time to move far, far away from the next door relations.
    2. I have a new fetish.
    3. When I say dirty things on video they sound cute instead of dirty.
    4. I don't like being kissed by anyone but hot boys who I invite to kiss me. And perhaps the occasional hot girl when I'm intoxicated. But NOT my relations and not random people.
    5. Bees can have lime green heads.
    6. Siamese cats can look stupid but act smart.
    7. It'd be easier if I used ordered list code here but I'm not.
    8. If you tell one of your relations that he's acting angry he will then proceed to epiphany in front of your very eyes and you'll have to patiently wait and smile while he works through it.
    9. I don't actually like pie, I just like to say I do.
    10. I can't wait to tell someone in particular about one of these items because I'm curious what that person will say.
    11. Poppy is a Cylon reborn as Poppet for those residing in parts of Canada and a particular cheese-producing state where there are tornado warnings. For everyone else I am still Poppy.
    12. I have a lot of friends. Like, a lot. Like, at least two. Maybe 100. (Is 100 a lot?) I could name them all but then I'd have to kill you.
    13. When you're muttering to yourself at the dinner table in front of your family someone is bound to notice and ask you what you're saying so you better have an answer prepared.
    14. I really enjoy listing things because crossing things off is fun. This isn't that kind of list, however.
    15. I take too many pictures.
I would appreciate your insight into this matter. And by this matter I mean any of it.


LeSombre said...



Mel said...

#3... can it be?? Have you made me the happiest girl on the planet?!

*trying hard not to get my hopes up...*

Poppy Cede said...

Michel My Bel - I do not know. It was started and has stuck a bit. But not by you. :)

Mel - I made the video once and deleted it. I made the video again just now but there's a thunderstorm so I'll process it tomorrow. I won't be sharing it with others. It's just for you. Too dirty.

Bearette24 said...

Re #9...what about apple, warm? Or banana cream? Or key lime?

With a graham cracker crust, of course.

Or...if you've been to Ireland...bannoffee?

Mel said...


*eagerly antipicating the dirtiness* ;)

Tug said...

I don't like the kiss thing either. Or when people I don't know call me "hon" or "babe".

What's the fetish?

Avitable said...


Amanda said...

Seriously? You don't like pie? ... Yet, you lie and say you do? Its okay, I don't like cheesecake.

Poppy Cede said...

Bearette - Pie is okay, it's just not something I'm crazy over. I just like to say "I like pie" a lot. I've never been to Ireland. I might start travelling again soon, just need that passport.

Mel - You are surprisingly easy to please. :) Hafta wait until after I visit my friend for his birthday party.

Tug - Why anyone calls someone babe unless they know you is beyond me. My fetish is best left to everyone's imagination. It's enough to say that my time is a bit consumed by it.

Big Daddy - What're you hming about?

Amanda - Pie's just okay. I'd rather have french fries or cheese. Straight up pie crust? LOVE.