Saturday, June 30, 2007

little bits

It's summer, shouldn't you be outside or something? Yah, me too.

I totally forgot that I had set up a recording for Sleepaway Camp on IFC. Now I totally get to see boobies this morning!!!! (What? Boobies are pretty!) Edit: Dammit! No boobies because the twist at the end is that she is really a he. So I think I just saw a prosthetic penis. I think.

It's 9:30am but I'm craving Mexican food. A nice beef taco with pico de gallo would be lovely. And beans and rice. And maybe a chimichanga (I don't care what's in there, it's fried and awesome). Now I am starving... Nice job, Poppy!

I'm pretty sure for the first time since it warmed up I have absolutely no plans for the weekend. Except drinking ice water and watching the cats go nuts. Yup, there goes Ripley now!

We can see our town's fireworks from our backyard because they're launched from *pointing* right over there, so people invite themselves to our house to eat our food and sit in our screened tent, in the front of the tent so that Hay and I get the crappy view of our own fireworks. I'm not quite sure how this happens every year. Except that Hay keeps saying "what time are you coming?" when they say, "hey, we're coming over for the 4th." I'm not opposed to visitors, I'm just opposed to people without common courtesy.

I am still hungry. Bye.


stefanie said...

I can't believe you just ruined the ending of a movie I will likely never see. The nerve, Poppy.


Avitable said...

Why would you want to be outside in the summer? That's crazy talk.

Poppy Cede said...

Stef - Hey, you need me to ruin anything else for you, you let me know.

Avi - You live somewhere scary-hot. I live somewhere cold-hot. We don't instantly burn up when we go outside here.