Thursday, June 21, 2007

The universe is against me

Everyone's busy, including me, which makes Poppy bored in playland.

So, I'm going to ask you all to put down your things, bring your full attention to me, and entertain me. Please. Even though I'm about to walk into a meeting. I'll be back! And when I come back I want fun things in my email and in IM and in my comments.

(I'm guessing this is too much to ask. I'm asking anyway.)


Tug said...

I e-mailed you.

you need boobie smilies.

that's all I've got.

heather said...

I would love to entertain you.

Poppy Cede said...

Tug - Someday I'll have boobie smilies.

Heather - With boobies?

Spéncer said...

I'm so sorry, I've been traveling all over the fricken place. So far, in the pad week, I've been to Providence, then Orlando, then Tampa, then Atlanta, then Birmingham, and then back to Tampa. I am sick of driving and flying.