Saturday, June 30, 2007

"We are not related."

1. The neighbor across the street who has lived there the entire time I have lived here (5 years) is so hot. Seriously. He's just super hot. I just caught a glimpse of him through the upstairs window so I just needed to mention.

2. I didn't realize that kids had to wait until they were 4'9" before they weren't supposed to be in a car seat anymore!

3. Georgie is headbutting my arm because she wants me to say hi to you all for her. "Hi, everyone!"

4. Kudos instead of tacos for breakfast. Definitely the better choice.


stefanie said...

I had cookie dough for breakfast. Yay me.

Avitable said...

Hi Georgie!

Poppy Cede said...

Stef - NUM!! SHARE!

Avi - "Hi, Uncle Avi!" (That was from George, not me ya pervert. ;)