Thursday, July 20, 2006

The power of the vote

In America's first opportunity to sink or float the contestants, SYTYCD?'s Dmitry was voted off (in place of Ryan) tonight. Do you think this was deserved, or is this a “Chris Daughtry moment”? Discuss.

Photo credit: Fox


Fey Popinjay said...

akjfa;lskjfaslkdjfsldkfj! I felt so MAD when he got booted. *pout* He really was a very good dancer and I could have seen someone else having gone in his place. I was really blindsided tonight...i didn't think that would happen. *sigh* oh well.

but the hell was up with trying to vote off NATALIE?!?!?!?! she's so GOOD!


oh. hi, btw. name's Fey...was blog hoppin' and happen to land here and saw your entry. (^_^);; hope I didn't creep you out too bad.


Poppy Cede said...

Welcome, FeyP. I appreciate your enthusiasm. America didn't seem to realize they needed to vote for their favorites, otherwise their favorites went home. I think the true winners are probably still in the competition, but still didn't go well last night. :(