Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hit me with your best shot

Fill in the blank: I would have tipped my server better if __________.

My answer is: she hadn't spilled that second pitcher of water all over me. Or, maybe even the first.


Spider Walk said...

You're kidding right? She toppled TWO pictchers of water on you? She should be glad she got a tip at all!

Since I am no stranger to the service industry(as you probably know, I am a waitress, bartender, hostess and anything else that needs doing) , let me give a stab at filling in the blank.

I would have tipped my server better if she hadn't complained to me about what a long hard day she has had, or hadn't wiped her brow and then picked up my glass from the rim, or acknowledged me right away, even if she couldn't get to me right away....the list is endless Poppy!

I just burns my a** when servers complain about being busy. I mean, isn't the idea of waiting tables to make money off of giving good service to as many tables as possible?

I sure hope you weren't heading out somewhere like the movies or shopping after your meal!

Barbara said...

Hmmm. I always try to tip at least a little even with poor service. The only time I did not tip was when the restaurant was really quiet and we were totally forgotten. When I fianlly said something there were no apologies. The server didn't come back to check or to see if we wanted anything else. I wanted to just walk out but after the food arrives you are sort of obligated to pay!

Merideth said...

I would have tipped my server better if...

she/he had not stopped by the table every 3 minutes, interrrupted a conversation to ask, "is everything okay, can I get you anything?"

This is just as bad as being ignored. Know what I mean?

goldennib said...

...used a clean towel to mop me up.

Thérèse said...

Oooh, yikes. Heheheheheheh. I mean, *cringe*


My answer: she hadn't hit on the guy I was with.

It just annoys me, is all. Can't say why, exactly, but it does.

Avitable said...

You didn't talk to the manager after the second pitcher was spilled? I would have.

(after eating five hamburgers).

Neil said...

I would have tipped her better --

If she warned me ahead of time that she was going to spill a pitcher of water on someone else, because they incidents are always very funny when they happen to someone else.

don't call me MA'AM said...

I would have tipped my server better if she had continued to somewhat ignore us (three women at a table) once the men joined us. That didn't happen. As soon as the men arrived, then she was all cute and flirty and overly helpful. I was pissed. Therefore, she received a shitty tip. And I am usually a VERY good tipper.

Lesson to be learned: always be kind and courteous, even when you think the guys will be paying. Because sometimes, the women get the bill.

Poppy Cede said...

Okay, okay, okay, I can't take it anymore! I promise you this is just a game I'm playing and this never happened to me! It did happen to my friend Abby once, but it was iced tea and it was only one pitcher. I just wanted you all to play the game.

I will likely continue the series with more provocative fill in the blankers.

Poppy Cede said...

Oh, and Avi eats 5 hamburgers! :P