Friday, July 07, 2006

Funny haha

I'm sporting intentional cameltoe today. Do you wanna see? Yah, I bet you do. I bought some size (number withheld) jeans from Victoria's Secret which show off my petite curves (because that's what Buddha gave me, harhar). The pants are only too tight when I sit down in my sloppy way -- ya know, slumped down with my legs spread like a guy. I don't want any angry comments about this, just look around in public at the way men sit and the way women sit. If the man isn't in a 3-piece suit then he takes up way more room while sitting than is absolutely necessary, and when I was 9 and realized that was what my brother was doing to get the most room in the backseat during long car rides I started sitting that way too. 20+ years later and I'm still sitting like a 14-year-old boy. Way to go, Poppy! Double-hump it, girl!

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bdogg_mcgee said...


I sit that way, too....heehee

Baking and Books said...

I didnt even know what a camel toe was until you posted this, lol.

You are a brave and funny woman!


The Chrysalis Stage said...

I sit that way too. It's way more comfortable.

Spider Walk said...

This reminds me of my Japanese friend. One day she wrote me and asked what "Carmel Toe" was. I about died laughing! It was hard to explain, and even harder for me to force myself to write it out. So I scoured the net looking for pictures to send to her. Your picture just brought back some great memories...LOL!!

Avitable said...

That's hilarious. Have you seen "The Weatherman"? There's a little side story about his daughter being called Camel Toe at school. It's amusing and depressing at the same time.

jules said...

Hysterical! Do you know, I just found out what going "commando" means .. I just called it - freeballing, girly style - LOL.