Friday, July 21, 2006

Gross call

We did not see Clerks 2 tonight because we went on a surprise boat cruise that didn't arrive back to shore in time for us to catch even the latest showing. We will go to the matinee tomorrow, though!

I am disturbed by a few celebrity stories, and need to speak about them.

Dakota Fanning has filmed a rape scene for her newest movie. A very graphic rape scene. And she's almost nude in the movie. She's 12. I just do not want to see that. I feel perved out even knowing about it.

Beyoncé's fans are petitioning that her video for Déjà Vu isn't good enough and should be refilmed with a different story line for the following reasons:
A) There is no clear story or theme to the video
B) The dancing is erratic, confusing and alarming at times
C) The sexual themes and shots between Ms. Knowles and Mr. Sean Carter PKA Jay-Z, are alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two
D) The fashion in this video, while haute-couture, is unbelievable and ridiculous
E) The editing, while professionally done, causes one to get dizzy and disoriented
F) The overall feel of the video leaves a sense of much to be desired
G) The video is very disappointing and is not a clear representation of any of the songs themes

People, get a life.

Police suspect that Haley Joel Osment was drunk at the time that he crashed his car in a very serious, but not fatal, accident. He's 18. He is the good kid. Why is he drinking? Bad Haley, bad! You're a role model for kids who see dead people! *sigh*

Jessica Simpson's new video for A Public Affair is just stupid. And so are both versions (original; remake) of Paris Hilton's video for Stars Are Blind.

Tara Reid continues to take her shirt off despite her slop.

Okay, I'm gonna stop there.

Shout out to Hay. He knows why. Love you, Babe!


Avitable said...

Yeah, Dakota should wait at least two or three more years before doing nudity.

I like the Stars are Blind video! I can't put my finger on the reason why, though, but I find it catchy!

jules said...

I was intrigued by what you said about Dakota Fanning's new movie - so I looked it up on IMDB. Had no idea The Lovely Bones was being made into a movie. This is one of my favorite books - and I recommend you read it (there, I've taken care of another rec a book, movie, etc comment for you!) Another fantastic book I rec is called The Bone People. Not an easy read either, but very good. I may just reread them both in the near future.

Guinness_Girl said...

Hi Poppy! I'm having fun catching up on your blog - it's been a while! Anyway, this post really cracked me up, chickadee. I can't believe about Dakota Fanning and the nudity, btw! CRAZY.