Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How odd.

I returned from my orthodontist appointment to a voicemail from a doctor who said she couldn't tell me why she was calling, but that two other doctors (whose names I didn't recognize) had referred me to her. I don't have a super common name, and the doctor called me by name in the message. I left her a return message. We'll see.

Update: Mystery solved. It's a chronic pain specialist trying to schedule an appointment with me. Odder still, I cannot get ahold of her so I guess I won't be attending the appointment they offered to me for today. Not meant to be just yet.


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Mishka said...

That is kind of weird. Our phone number is one off a local doctor here and we get calls constantly for them and sometimes people even leave messages...I find this strange since we announce our phone number on the machine.