Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Okay, so I have about two seconds to post something before Blogger goes down for maintenance. Just wanna say I'm alive, and that work and studying* consume me, but this evening's adventure was grocery shopping. I actually was triumphant in the “passive-aggressive store clerk versus Poppy” scenario. When she was rude to me I just looked at her and said nothing. That's always a great option, because in this case silence speaks volumes. I was not, however, so quiet when I saw the same car that I had to swerve around at the end of my road (which had a lot of pot smoke pouring out of it!!!) stop in front of my mailbox to deposit some SPAM. I screamed, “don't put this crap in my mailbox!!!!!!” and tore up the paper in front of the whole neighborhood while the car was still parked in front of my neighbor's house getting lectured by him, too! The world aligns to my side this evening. A bientôt!!

*I know some of you are curious what I am studying. Information security. If anyone wants a kick ass computer security wizard working for them who has mad management skills lemme know. I think I might have capped out at my current job, which totally sucks. I thought I'd be there forever...

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