Monday, July 17, 2006

Broken news

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 09:16:18 -0400
From: CNN Breaking News
Reply-To: newseditor@MAIL.CNN.COM
Subject: CNN Breaking News

-- The space shuttle Discovery and its crew of six

When I saw this I immediately thought, “oh no, not again!” but then I read the rest:

have safely landed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida after a 13-day mission that included a stop at the international space station.

...and was so happy I did a little clappy happy dance. :)


Spider Walk said...

I got the same CNN mail alert...and thought the same thing you did.
What a relief they landed safely.

As to your comment/question about me killing the cat. Yes. I did. And I still feel HORRIBLE about it. :(
The worse part is I drive by it everyday on my way to and from work.
My stomach is turning just thinking about it.

Chicken said...

I was relieved too. I hope that this gives the space program a boost.

Jen said...

Yup, Discovery is here at home safe and sound. It is always reassuring to hear the double sonic boom resounding as she arrives announcing herself grandly.

As a space shuttle technician, I hope this flight marks a return to regular missions as we had in the pre-Columbia era. It is good to be back flying again!

Elsa said...

Yup, I didn't have a good feeling about them coming back, so it was nice to know they got back safely. Ever since the last tragedy, I've been a little leery of its return.