Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The gift of scent

My nephew is newly single and has moved out of his ex's home back in with my brother and SIL. I helped my niece to hand out presents this year, so when I handed my nephew a small bag my dad got all excited and said, “that gift only makes sense if you know that we know about your new situation!” I had no idea what to expect after that, I thought it was going to be something for hunting, but ... well, it kinda was:

Ladies, if you're interested, my nephew is a quite handsome 20-something, tall, thin but muscular, played football in high school, and knows how to keep your engine purring. (He's a mechanic. I'm a dork.) Oh, and he smells good now? I've not smelled my own nephew, so I can't 100% vouch for that, but if you like Tag Midnight then I'm assuming he smells good.


bobgirrl said...

It doesn't smell anything like Paco Rabanne, does it? Today at work I came across a man who is actually named Paco. And I can't stop giggling.


Whew! I started to worry when I read that "engine purring" comment. :) I thought, "WTF???? This is her nephew?!?!?!" Then I read a few words further and I felt *much* better. ;)