Monday, January 15, 2007

white-out in Slough

Today's forecast: snow, snow, snow, snow, and snow. Oh, and freezing fog. Didn't even realize that was a possibility. I have the day off to celebrate the life of a great man (MLK, Jr. in this neck of the woods, although I hear this is a trifecta celebration for Virginia). Hay doesn't, but because of the horrible weather his business is doing a work-from-home day. My business doesn't necessarily believe in work-from-home days, so I'm especially thankful for the holiday.

I'm spending the day watching The Office UK. I'm on episode one, after waking up quite late from a very odd dream. I know a lot of people find the UK version unwatchable, but I think it's priceless. And just remember, the US version wouldn't exist without it. (Neither would all the other versions.)


Avitable said...

I like the UK version, but I think the US version has much more pathos.

Poppy Cede said...

This is going to sound totally snobby, isn't it... I like the UK version so much because you have to have a bit of intelligence to put all the jokes together. With the US version the writers spoon feed the jokes. I really appreciate hearing a joke and taking a second to realize what it means then laugh hysterically at its cleverness.

I agree the US version has more pathos, but I love both shows for different reasons. If they were the same show it wouldn't work because we're not Brit-ish. (Well, I am by heritage, which might be why I love the UK version so easily.)