Friday, January 05, 2007

If wishes were fishes...

I wish that flickr allowed me to favorite entire sets, as in "I favorite this dog set" rather than clicking "add to faves" on the 30 photos included in the dog set. Example? Heather's set of Darren. Yes, that's Darren of Darren McLikes Himself / Look at Me. I'm So Important That I Have a Blog. Heather and Darren are dating. Isn't that fantastic?! Anyway, he's such an interesting looking guy. A super-cute version of Richard Dreyfuss mashed with Robin-Williams-Popeye, particularly in this photo.

+ + cute = Darren.

All rights are reserved on images of Darren, so you hafta visit flickr to see him. :)

1 comment:

nabbalicious said...

You crack me up, woman! I left a comment on the picture, but I'll tell you here: I would have given you permission to put up a photo! The copyright thing is mostly for strangers who seem to think they can just steal my stuff and not even bother to ask first. :)