Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lily Allen's dog returned mostly safe and sound

I didn't post about this before, because in my heart it felt wrong. Now that there is a happy ending for Maggie May there is something to be told. A new post on Lily's myspace blog (all content SIC):

Maggie May's return

Maggie May is back as you know , and I said I'd let you know some more details . I didnt want to go into to much detail but the rumours and allegations have started so here goes .

Last night we recieved a call from a man in the Leytonstone area . He said he had Maggie and had bought her as a present for his sister , he didnt really want to give her back but was persuaded by the reward . Some friends went to meet him a couple of hours later to see if it was Maggie . Luckily it was , so they left to get the money in order to get her back . They came back and were asked to follow the man and his two friends in a car for a few minutes away from the main road , they did this , handed over the money and got Maggie back . Once Maggie had been handed over the young men and woman offered to sell more puppies to my friends , which made us realise that these people were obviously in the business of moving dogs .

Now I feel guilty for having given these people money and contributing to their cruel business but I love that dog and felt I had no choice .

People have been speculating that because maggie was thin and had fleas she must have run away , MAGGGIE was tied up and in her cage in the back of a van and could not have escaped , she was stolen . The fact that she was very thin , makes me think she was mistreated ( ie not fed ) and the fact she was infested with fleas implies she was kept with other ( maybe stolen ) animals .

Im not going into anymore detail as this is now a matter for the RSPCA and the police . Thank you again to everyone who has helped me retrieve maggie . This has been an awful experience and people who are accusing me of neglecting my dog in some way , are distressing and hurtful , I hope this clears up the issue .


My comment to her:

Please don't feel guilty that you gave them money. Maggie May's safe return is the most important, and your exposure of the story behind her disappearance will lead to more good in the end. If you hadn't paid them, who knows what they would have done with her?! Give her lots of puppy kisses for us all.

Bad people exist in the world, and their option to be bad needs to be taken away from them. I hope these people are caught and placed in a facility that teaches them that cruelty to animals is a very slippery slope. If they never respect animals they will never respect humankind.

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