Monday, January 15, 2007

To Russia with love

Molly of MollyGood has left her own blog to join the PopSugar team. How odd. MollyGood continues on with its new editor, Cord. I think in a few days it won't phase me, but it really confuses me when a single blogger turns their blog over to someone else to continue on. Since I don't blog for money I guess I'll never understand.

Cord's first few posts seem okay, but I might be removing MollyGood from the celeblogroll and filing it to the M section. Dunno yet.

Update: Okay, Cord wins. His SNL weekend update-style take on Isaiah Washington's asshattery is hilarious. I shall continue reading MollyGood. But, it should really be renamed. To Cordurolly. Or, something else silly.