Friday, January 19, 2007

In case you care

Lonelygirl15 has jumped the shark. Not only did she have sex with* kiss Daniel after her dad died, but now Katharine McPhemmebot is co-starring on today's webisode:

Barf. Oh, and Daniel's pissed (as in drunk, not as in mad, cuz Daniel's always mad).

*Daniel said they hooked up. In my book, at my age, hooked up means SEX. Not kissing. But, just kissing makes a lot more sense. I stopped watching LG15 a bit ago because it became very dull to me. I even unsubscribed! But, I read on one of my freuquent blogs about the Idol link and had to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Wait. A. Minute. I didn't think Bree and Daniel had sex. I thought Daniel got a kiss and Bree got mad because he made it out to be "more than that"... which lead to Daniel getting drunk and meeting McPhee.

But you are right. Lonelygirl is just... whoa.