Saturday, January 13, 2007

Netflix is throttling us. (Well, maybe.)

We returned a movie on January 3 and have not received its replacement. After reporting it missing we were told we were being sent another movie that was supposed to arrive on Thursday. Nope. Then we were sent another movie to replace a movie we received, watched, and returned in less time than it took for this January 3 movie to be received back to Netflix, and now that movie was promised to us for today but it was not in the mailbox.

I'm mad. I don't know if it's Netflix or if it's the post office, but now Monday is another holiday so the soonest we'll get any more movies is Tuesday.

I've threatened to kick some ass and switch to Blockbuster, but we all know I'm not gonna do either one. Just pisses me off because I love watching movies and when I don't have any to watch I get grumpy. *grumpy-mumble-grumble*


Anonymous said...

I once had a problem with Netflix (they never got "Daredevil" back, like I'd keep that). They sent me an email, and I told them I returned it, and they were incredibly cool and didn't make me pay for it or anything.

Just send them an email to let them know you think something is amiss. I'll bet they're incredibly cool about it.

Dan said...

Hmm. We've had this same issue, but NetFlix resolved it pretty quickly. I understand the frustration though. Blockbuster's new ad campaign targets this is Netflix's Achilles' heel. They're now offering their brick-and-mortar option as part of your BB online package.

Maman said...

I would blame the post office.. but that is usually the case in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

I love Netflix. I've had three movies that were returned (over the past year) that took forever to show up at their facility. I reported it immediately because I knew that if I sent back two movies together and they got one, then the other was "traveling."

They sent a movie out anyway (no lag time, I got it the next day). I guess it depends on where the main Netflix office is where you live too.

Personally? I think the mail lady took it home to watch it. THEN forwarded it on! (No hate mail for postal people ... you just don't know my mail lady!)