Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lucie Blackman Trust . org

I am semi-addicted to the Scissor Sisters song I Don't Feel Like Dancin' at the moment, so I visited YouTube for videos. While there I found this PSA from them:

I had no idea who Lucie Blackman was so I went to lucieblackmantrust.org to find out more info, but ... it's not very well organized in terms of finding out what the trust is for, so I used wikipedia instead which explains that:

Lucie Blackman (d. 2000) was an English woman working illegally as a hostess in Roppongi, Tokyo, who disappeared mysteriously in July 2000. Her dismembered body was found a year later, buried in a shallow grave at a beach in Miura, Kanagawa in June 2001. She was 21 years old at the time of her death.

Property developer Joji Obara was charged for drugging, raping and killing Blackman, as well as the rapes of six other women and the murder of another hostess.

Okay, so... she was a hostess. BFD. Lots of people are hostesses. ... Ohhhhhhh, that kind of hostess:

A hostess bar is a bar or pub that employs primarily female staff and caters to adult males seeking drink and conversation. A similar and more recent establishment (specific to Japan) is a host bar.

Hostess bars can be found in many countries and take many forms. While some bars are tied to the sex trade, with hostesses being little more than prostitutes who serve drinks, at most establishments the sex is generally implied, not performed.

I feel educated now. Note to self: Don't be a hostess.

At the very bottom of the wikipedia entry there is a reference link titled Obara did not kill Blackman, lawyers say in closing statement. The case won't be decided upon until April, 2007.

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