Friday, January 05, 2007

“Please pack your knives and GO.”

Did anyone watch the supersized Top Chef this week?

I can't say Marcel is my favorite person in the world, but Betty, Sam, and Ilan were being so mean to him that I yelled at the screen that I hoped they all went home before him! And, if you haven't seen the episode I won't ruin it by telling you how judges' table played out. I think the judges chose the right reasons to send this week's person packing.

Nice job, Michael! Vicodin inspires you to cook great food! Perhaps you need to be medicated to be a great chef. Not good... The look on Debi Mazar's face when she saw Michael's effed up mouth was priceless. :) She asked for him to come out! Her own fault!


Anonymous said...

OMG!! I know exactly what you're saying. It's almost like they were out to get him--I know he's an ass, but I think they laid it on a bit thick.

And you know they weren't going to kick him off! It's like Santino on season 2 of PR--it's good television.

I think they made a good decision in letting Betty go. I liked her, but her dish looked less than spectacular. At least Marcel's was presented well!!

Avitable said...

Never watched it. My reality TV is limited to the Apprentice, and since he fired Carolyn, I might not even bother with that.

Joanne said...

Yay! Someone else who watches Top Chef. I totally don't understand all the Marcel hate, and given the Bravo TV weblogs of Tom and Padma and Gail, they can't either. There is a brief interview with Ilan on there, but he honestly just comes off as a huge jackass. I couldn't believe it. He was defending his and Sam's freakouts with Marcel. Marcel does seem the type to keep pushing now that he's found the button, but it seems like it would be more in response to the You're picking on me so I'll pick on you thing. I do like Michael a lot since he totally does keep improving, but you know he won't ultimately win since Collichio doesn't like him.