Wednesday, January 03, 2007

po-tay-to to-mah-to

Being at work kills my creativity.

Although, I did get to do an initial run-through of my video for Avi's old man birthday at the end of this month! That was fun. If he doesn't like it I'm disowning him, so I think he'll like it.

Unless you really, really, really, really, really like sun-dried tomatoes I recommend you stay away from the sun-dried tomato flavored Pringles Select chip. Not so good. However, I'm guessing by proxy that the other flavors are delicious. So, try one of those! Here's a picture of the cinnamon flavor, since this product is so new that there don't seem to be images of the product anywhere:

For those of you who like sweet potatoes I'm sure those look tasty. Me, I do not eat sweet potatoes. Not even in fry form. Sorry to disappoint, but more for you!

I was experiencing Perez withdrawal yesterday, but after his two-day NYE hangover he is back in full force today. I didn't even know one could experience a two-day hangover. I've never had a hangover for longer than a morning.

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