Saturday, January 13, 2007

We have two winners!

Leona Lewis killed it (so to speak) with her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's winning song, A Moment Like This, but I have yet to enjoy any Idol winner's first song. What is American Idol doing about this?

Untalented singers who fail spectacularly in the early auditions are so bad they make for good television. Forcing talented finalists to perform such forgettable tunes as "Do I Make You Proud"? That's just plain awful.

To remedy this flaw in Fox's hit TV show, which begins its sixth season Tuesday and Wednesday, a song-writing competition to be decided by viewers is in the works.

"At the end of it, the country will not only have the singer they want, they'll have the song they want," said Ken Warwick, a series executive producer.


"We are very close to putting it (the song contest) in place," Martha Brass, executive vice president for series producer 19 Entertainment, said from London.

"It's just a question of not wanting to get it out there too soon so that we lose enthusiasm and momentum," Brass said. "Given there are five months left, we want to make sure that we introduce it at the right time." (continued at Yahoo!)

Thank goodness. So anticlimactic to have the winner singing a sucky song. The billionth sixth season of American Idol starts this Tuesday at 8pm on Fox. Don't forget to ruin your dinner over at MJ's AI spoiler site.

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