Friday, February 09, 2007


Last night we watched You, Me(,) and Dupree instead of live Must See TV. When we were finished with the movie at 9:32pm we looked in our recorded shows section of the DVR -- NO Office and NO Earl. Que la FREKANDO f?! Hay checked the timers and saw that both were active as weeklies, but when we checked the items to record daily list neither show was listed as even being skipped or showing as no event. This has happened for other less important shows lately, and has happened to a DVR box we had a few years ago which we no longer have for this very same reason. (Can you hear my loud sigh? I think you can.) We'll catch Earl in reruns, but we can't miss Phyllis's wedding so I'll be purchasing it from iTunes later today. Boys and girls, today's letter is: F.

In case anyone is wondering, we liked Y, M, and D but not enough to specifically recommend it. Nothing original, although we quite enjoyed how Matt Damon DILLON* (42) is aging so well that he plays a similar age to his movie wife Kate Hudson (27).

*Thanks, Bearette. My mind said Dillon, my fingers typed Damon. Disconnect. I love Matt Dillon, too. Geesh.


Avitable said...

I hate it when the DVR freaks out like that.

You know, it's available for free on, too.

And it was hilariously uncomfortable to watch!

Poppy Cede said...

Only the two-minute replay is available for free. They're smaht that way.

Avitable said...

I can't believe they do that for Earl, 30 Rock, and half of their other shows, but not The Office. Fuckers.

Molly said...

i was grimacing through the entire episode...oh my. it will be worth the $1.99. i thought my dvr did not get it one night because i came home and my cable box power light was out, but it still recorded even though it was shut off...wierd.

p.s. i hate the new blogger - i always have to post my comments like 3 times before it goes through.

Bearette24 said...

you mean matt dillon ;) matt damon is still in his 30s :)