Friday, February 02, 2007

“And the Poppy goes to...”

In the not-too-distant future* I'm going to hold an awards show on my blog. I need you to tell me what categories you want to see in the show, and who you nominate for the award. I will likely steal your idea for category but then come up with my own winner for the category. Please don't just go copy the Bloggies and send me lame choices, and please don't copy Darren. (Okay, a little copying from Darren is fine. He's effing hilarious.) Please submit your nominations no later than 10 minutes after you read this post. If you need to come back and read it again to qualify then please do so. I really do want to have some fun awards.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to retract the awards show offer if I get zero or minimal interest. Also, this is not a democracy. You will not vote. I will choose all winners. (It's my blog and my show, dammit! ;)

*Please accept a range of one week to one month. Thank you.


Diamond Lil said...

Can I nominate myself for laziest blogger?

Which, sadly, means I'm too lazy to think up any other categories and who should win those categories.

anonymouscoworker said...

Let's what categories could I wi... I mean, what categories could ANYONE win?

Best use of profanity in a blog post

Best post about zombies

Best necrophilia post

Umm. Err. Okay, here's some anyone could win.

Most American Idol posts

Shortest Post

Post with the most toast

Grammar and spelling award

Anonymous said...

Best Anonymous Blog

Best New Year's Resolutions

Untitled Category Because Poppy Wanted to Award a Poppy Award

Best Post About Cats

Most Pedantic Writer

Greatest Blogger from Columbus, Ohio

Avitable said...

Most immature blogger

Craziest mofo

Blogger I'm most likely related to

And once you choose categories, I'll be nominating myself for some shit you can garrrruuuunnnnteeeee (yeah I know I spelled it wrong - but it sounds like that when you say it with a Cajun accent like I was doing in my head)

Anonymous said...

Oh, joy! Oh, inspiration!

I propose to you the Poppy Cede Fromage Awards!

It's fitting... it keeps with a theme!

Bearette24 said...

Best photos

Best movie reviews (ahem)

Best animal stories

Best recipes

Best YouTube videos

Best blog design

stefanie said...

I was going to suggest something profanity-related, but I see ACW beat me to it.

How about best blog written by someone with the same name as you?

(I am not nominating anyone in particular for that, of course. I respect your anonymity, after all, and I therefore have no idea what your name is. I'm just saying--if there's anyone out there who fits into that category...) ;-) said...

Best Use of Cheese

Cutest Kid Picture

Best Music or Movie Review

Best Family Story

Best True Story