Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow mobiles, snow plows, snow blowers, shovels, roof rakes, and screaming*

Those are the sounds I've heard all day. ALL day. We have broken every record there is to break to do with snow and precipitation in general. I'm exhausted from raking the roofs, wiping off bird feeders, and putting out food for wildlife. These tasks really don't take so much effort, but the trudging through more than 2 feet of snow does. It's up to my knees in the low part. Our porch stairs have been swallowed. Our Adirondack chairs are irrecognizable. Our fenced in garden is missing and the 7-ft tall arbor that serves as its entrance looks stubby because so much of it is underneath the snow. The weather service claimed the snow would continue through 7am tomorrow, but now have revised their statement to end at 8pm tonight. I sure hope they got it right this time. Even living in a place where we expect this much snow we're not doing so hot at dealing with it.

snow storm - porch steps snow storm - side of porch
snow storm - stubby arbor

*The screaming people are trying to talk over all of the snow equipment, although I could have sworn I heard someone crying for help a few minutes ago. When I listened longer I realized it was just someone trying to talk to another person outside.


Molly said...

If I had to deal with this kind of snow all the time I would kill myself. As it is, I'm ready to kill other people instead.

Good luck digging out!

Avitable said...

I'd just hide inside and let my wife do everything.

Dan said...

Snow sucks unless it's Christmas week. Give me a beach day any day.