Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nominations, please!

I have narrowed down the list of Poppy award categories. I have already chosen winners for 17 awards and decided to not use 9 suggested awards (sorry!), but that leaves a bunch of awards for which I need your help. Please review the categories then nominate blogs/bloggers from my blogroll* to the left:
    Best Blog Design
    Best Family Story
    Best Overall Concept Blog
    Best Recipes
    Best Team Blog
    Best True Story
    Best Use of Cheese
    Best Use of Profanity in a Blog Post
    Craziest Mofo
    Cutest Kid Picture
    Grammar and Spelling Award
    Post with the Most Toast
Please feel free to nominate yourself. :) Vote in the comments or email me directly (visit my profile if you don't know my email by now) if you prefer. Voting ends Friday, February 16 at 11:59pm Eastern.

*Any blog from the blogroll is fair game, just not the unbloggy sites please.


Anonymous said...

Best use of Profanity would clearly go to Anonymous Coworker for two commercials I hate

Craziest Mofo would have to go to Avitable for general purposes.

Best Team Blog has to be CheezyCatz. I love that site!

Cutest Kid Picture would go to me if I had posted any. Curse my anonymity.

Grammar and Spelling Award?! Que le Freak?

Anonymous said...

I nominate Nabbalicious for all around excellence, but that isn't a category. so, how about her faq as the post with the most toast?

Anonymous said...

He's not in your blogroll, but Sharp as a Marble has the cutest kid post I've ever seen.

Avitable said...

#1: Me.
#2: Don't know.
#3: Don't know.
#4: Don't know.
#5: Don't know.
#6: Me
#7: You
#8: Me
#9: Me
#10: Me (you saw my first grade photo)
#11: Me
#12: I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Anonymous Coworker for Best us of Profanity... said...

Need I say more??? :D

-R- said...

Stefanie Says for Best Grammar!

lizgwiz said...

The Grammar and Spelling Award should absolutely go to Stefanie--not only are her grammar and spelling consistently stellar, but she also writes ABOUT grammar and spelling on a semi-regular basis.

3carnations said...

Stefanie-says for grammar and spelling!

Thanks for including that as a category! There are a whole bunch of us out there who cringe with every typo and inappropriately used comma...

stefanie said...

Awesome. I totally campaigned on my blog. (That's allowed, right?) ;-) Keep 'em coming, kids!

By the way, do you have a category for blogger who most makes me want to be a better photographer? If so, I nominate Darren and Nabbalicious. (It's a tie, I think.)

Poppy Cede said...

Stef - I added a photography category. There is one winner in that category currently. I will consider adding a second winner.

Everyone else - Thanks for your nominations. Keep 'em coming! You could sway me with a great argument.

Diamond Lil said...

Ok. I don't feel that I've done enough research to nominate for every category, but here are some that I am certain of:

ACW hands down for Best Use of Profanity in a post.

Miss Kendra for her post "won't you be my neighbor?" for Post with the Most Toast. That is a hysterically funny post. It has toast. It's got legs. Whatever. It's great.

I nominate you, Ms. Poppy, for Best Blog Design - I really like that you have all the bells and whisltes on the left side and posts on the right.

Notes from the Trenches for cutest kid picture. Miles. He's adorable.

Is it awful to nominate myself for Best True Story for The Time I Killed V-Day post? I mean, my true story is so embarrassing and not very well written, but it is 100% true.

anonymouscoworker said...

I would like to nominate myself for best use of profanity. That's why I came up with the category.

I second Cheezy Cats for Team Blog.

Craziest goes to Avitable.

I'll have to review some of the others for the rest of the categories.

anonymouscoworker said...

And I've been won over. Stef for best grammar and spelling.