Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Gecko is a self-proclaimed lame duck this week as he transitions from one job that is laying him off to a new venture starting Monday. He has nothing to do. Please visit his comments or mine and leave him suggestions for fun web stuff to do. Thanks, everyone!

Congratulations to B and DH who finally moved to their - new - home! B, we need to chat!!! :)

I have a full work schedule today, perhaps stealing some time late this afternoon. If anything exciting happens in the world please leave me an email or comment and I'll get back to you when I'm back in the virtual office. *beep!* (BTW/FYI/SYN: Britney does not count as exciting news. So, please don't bother. However? Christina Aguilera possibly being pregnant is. Congrats to X and Brat!)

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bdogg_mcgee said...

Let's schedule a time for some evening this week!!! :)