Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I might as well flaunt it

Yesterday my blog received an extra 100 hits because I have mentioned Karen Corr in the past.

In my original posts I didn't mention anything about her being naked, a lesbian, or having breasts of any sort, yet those combinations have been the most searched keyword sets on my blog since August 13, 2005.

I wondered “aloud” about this to Avi. He pointed out to me that my blog is #2 on Google for keyword search karen corr naked:

You don't want to know what #3 is. Well, maybe you do but I'm not promoting it here so you go do your own googling. ;)

To those of you who find my blog via that search: I appreciate your traffic, but what you're looking for is not here.

Update: Everyone seems scared of Karen Corr, so I'll explain. She is a professional billiards player from Ireland. She is not, I repeat not, a porn star or playmate or anything racy. I'm very amused by all your comments, though. :)


stefanie said...

I have no idea who Karen Corr is, and I'm sort of afraid to Google her now to find out!

Anonymous said...

That's great. Laugh of the day.

I didn't goggle; too afraid to discover. :S

Anonymous said...

Who's Karen Corr?

Avitable said...

She starred in that one movie - you know, Come With the Wind?