Thursday, February 01, 2007

JK Rowling can now retire and live happily ever after with a bare-chested Daniel Radcliffe

The final Harry Potter book is due out in July. I'm not sure I'll be able to read it without thinking of the EQUUS images, but I'll sure try.

Pre-order now from Amazon.


Stinkypaw said...

Pre-ordered my copy this morning! Can't wait! And the movie is coming out as well. Woohoo!

Joanne said...

I was going to pre-order it but then I was reminded that last time I did and I waited ALL DAY in my apartment in case I would miss the UPS man and it turns out UPS gave it to USPS to deliver and they didn't deliver on time so I bought it from the grocery store with no lines or waiting. I'm shooting for that method again. :) In fact since my grocery store is open 24 hours, I may go at midnight and skulk around until they put them out and grab it then. :) It means I wouldn't have to put up with the bedlam at the bookstore.

Poppy Cede said...

Stinkypaw - Woohoo!

Joanne - I'm with you on that. The same thing happened to me last year. I was waiting for the book to arrive and it didn't. I was at Wal-Mart (I never go there, but of course I'd be there on the day Harry came out) and saw tons and tons of the book everywhere, but because I knew I'd already bought and paid for it I decided not to buy it and had to wait for my copy.

bdogg_mcgee said...

When the sixth one came out DH and I went to our local B&N and the line was wrapped around the entire upstairs, down the escalator, and around the downstairs of the store.

So, we went next door to Cheesecake Factory, had drinks & appetizers, and drove a couple miles to the Kroger, and got our book on the stroke of midnight with no waiting. It was great. I think we'll do that again this summer :)

And I haven't looked at the Eqqus photos yet. Are they scandalous?

Poppy Cede said...

Scandalous to some, beautiful to me.