Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a fraction of

How come there isn't HTML code that takes two numbers and fractions them? I can make a 1/2 fraction (½), a 1/4 fraction (¼), and a 3/4 fraction (¾) but that's it.

If I try to make a 2/3 fraction? ⅔ <-- See? Doesn't work! Should work logically, but doesn't.

What's up with that? (Does anybody say “What's up with that?” anymore, or is it just me?)

Update: Spencer is a genius. sup and sub do the trick! See? 2/3 Very cool! He definitely gets the Thinking Outside the Box award. :)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could superscript the numerator and then subscript the denominator, with the 'sup' and 'sub' HTML tags?

The comment editor won't let me add them for some strange reason, but I;m sure you can use them on the Post editor.

Poppy Cede said...

Très smart. You're a genius!

Kristen said...

Also check out Alt Key Symbols (googling gets you lots more of them).

Anonymous said...

Ooh, je suis flatté! Just something I picked up from designing. :P ALT key symbols are useful, I use them often, but they're very limited as you found out. You use a Mac anyway, (good for you!) so I don'y suppose they'd work anyhow.

Poppy Cede said...

Yah, alt keys are limited to ISO Latin 1 character set and there are no characters in that set for fractions other than the three that HTML can create, which is perhaps why there aren't other fractions. I can emulate alt with my option key, sorta, and I also can just copy and paste from MS Word when I need to, but Word doesn't seem to make fractions other than the ISO-L-1 character fractions either.

I did find a math reference which suggests I use a fraction / -- example: 1⁄2 -- but I've used that before and don't like the way it looks.