Friday, August 31, 2007

currency is just made up ridiculosity

I was just informed by a co-worker that $100 US = $6910 JMD (Jamaica).


If I were a private post where would I be...?

I wrote my private post. It's three sentences. Many of you know what's going on with me. On Monday I take another step. I want to blog it, but I can't. So, I remain silent.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It annoys me that I cannot do private posts on my blog.

It annoys me greatly.

tiger balm

How old am I? 33, right? Right. So, why the hell is my skin still so oily? Isn't that, like, a teenager thing? Does my body actually still believe it's a teenager?

... Yar. :)

Are you just trying to piss us off?

(Mel, sweetie, avert your eyes. This one's not nice.)

Full rtardedness over at CNN.

We were briefed for an entire day after this incident by our chief of police. We are working on implementing an alert system since we have so many buildings and it's difficult to reach everyone at once.

It's not like you just expect some kid to go fucking mental and start shooting, wander off, then wander back. We can plan for it now because it's happened. And really we're just planning for what we think might happen, not what we know will happen "next time". But, in the moment the administration thought they were doing the right thing. Sometimes we're wrong. We're fallible. We just are. It's because humans are not as predictable as we all hope each other will be, especially when a human is off his (or her) fucking rocker.

So, allow us to learn the lessons that are actually helpful to learn from this tragedy and not just point the finger and walk away with a repeat of history.

(To the one person who is going to argue this was not a tragedy, definition: a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair. It was that, Sir. It was that.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

by the way...

work hell is over :)

(Sorry, Mikey.)

I still haven't collected on the last rootkit scandal

Of course we bought CDs that had the Sony rootkit on them. Luckily I don't have a microvault which has the newest rootkit on it! :
From Reuters here:

Software included with high-end memory sticks sold by Sony Corp can make personal computers vulnerable to attack by computer hackers, according to researchers with two Internet security firms.

Sony’s MicroVault USB memory stick and fingerprint reader includes software that creates a hidden directory on the computer’s hard drive, researchers with Finnish security software maker F-Secure Corp reported on the company’s blog on Monday.

Such software that hides itself, which is known as a root kit, leaves room for hackers to secretly infect personal computers, they said.

F-Secure’s blog posting said it attempted to contact Sony before alerting the public about the software, but the company had not replied.

On Tuesday, researchers with McAfee Inc. said they had confirmed the vulnerability described by F-Secure.

“The apparent intent was to cloak sensitive files related to the fingerprint verification feature included on the USB drives,” said McAfee spokesman Dave Marcus. “However, software creators apparently did not keep the security implications in mind. The application could be used to hide arbitrary software, including malicious software.”

This is not the first time F-Secure has found Sony software installing hidden directories on the drives of its customers. In 2005 there was a similar situation involving the electronics maker’s digital rights management software, security experts say.

On F-Secure’s blog today, the security group confirms that the rootkit can be used by malware authors to hide any file folder.

This new rootkit (which can still be downloaded from can be used by any malware author to hide any folder. We didn’t want to go into the details about this in our public postings, but we suppose the cat’s out of the bag now that our friends at McAfee blogged about this yesterday. If you simply extract one executable from the package and include it with malware, it will hide that malware’s folder, no questions asked.

Nested quoted quotes! :)

Thanks to Pat who passes me some tasty geekery.

astronauts are NOT drunk!

Following up When good space ladies go bad:

An internal NASA review found no evidence to back up last month's report that astronauts have been allowed to fly drunk, NASA sources told CNN on Tuesday.

The agency ordered the review after an independent panel reported anecdotal evidence of intoxicated astronauts flying aircraft and spacecraft. The review, by NASA's Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, is to be released Wednesday.

The NASA Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee in July reported two alleged cases in which astronauts were so drunk that flight surgeons or other astronauts raised concerns over flight safety. The astronauts in question were still allowed to fly, the panel said.

The independent panel's report offered no specifics about the drinking episodes and said no attempt was made to confirm information given in interviews.

It was convened to look into NASA's medical and psychological screening process after the arrest of former astronaut Lisa Nowak. She is accused of assaulting a romantic rival in February.

Nowak has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Following the committee's report, NASA adopted an interim policy saying astronauts are not qualified for flight if they consume alcohol within 12 hours of launch and ordered the review.

The report from the committee said, "Interviews with both flight surgeons and astronauts identified some episodes of heavy use of alcohol by astronauts in the immediate preflight period, which has led to flight safety concerns."

The committee said in another section of the report that it did not provide the space agency with names.

The NASA sources told CNN that Wednesday's report also does not name anyone. (CNN)

Wearing a diaper in the car doesn't mean you're drunk. Just sayin'.


This morning in my work mailbox I found an invitation to be included in one of those scammy who's who directories, which I checked out later and learned I want no part in it, but before checking it out my introspection began.

I have always been resistant to being a "computer person". I never wanted this to be my career. I just did it because I was good at it. I did it because, despite my dislike for all things service, it's what my personality type tells me I should be doing.

And then something happened. I'm not sure what. Something changed in me that made me love what I do. Perhaps it's because my employer became more supportive of my professional development and I was able to actually learn more and practice the security side of computing. This is truly my passion. I love all things to do with security. I could wax poetically for hours on the subject. I could eat up every certification there is to do with this field, read every trade material there is on the subject, handle incidents with no objection indefinitely. I would love to become someone's CSO, CISO, security consultant, or similar. I would love to be in charge of security infrastructure, planning, implementation, response, resolution... all of it.

But, what if? I have a fear of responsibility, a fear of committing to the big things. I have a fear of saying yes to something and then disappointing everyone involved. I fear that I don't know enough to do the job well. I fear that everyone will realize I'm a fake. Underneath this confident exterior I'm just winging it like the rest of the world. And somehow that's okay for everyone else to do, but not for me.

I am very strong willed, know what I want, and go full force toward it, but underneath there is a constant dialog of, "[my nickname here], are you really sure you know what you're doing?" No, voice, I don't. But I'm doing it anyway.

The one day several months back when my boss told me, "you know, you could be the CSO" scared the absolute shit out of me. But, is there really anything wrong with being scared?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My eyes just bugged out of my head.

B just emailed me:

Oh, I was looking around at restaurants, and it appears that our beloved Tom Colicchio has a restaurant here in Dallas. Of course, he probably wouldn't be there, but man, just to be in that man's atmosphere would be breathtaking. Sigh...

Oh, mew mew mew... Cannot wait to visit her!!

Hi :)

I still have all my hair!

I'm alive!

I'm awake!

I'm happy!


Where's my blankie! ?


In other news: My favorite word today is "nose". The nose knows!

Monday, August 27, 2007

cruelty to poppymals

That day I just had?

We helped 80 people.

I have to do it again tomorrow and the next day.

How do I do it? I'm asking.

Attorney General Gonzales removed from post somehow

Pat informs me that Gonzales either quit or was fired. (CNN says he resigned, but I kinda don't trust that they ever know what they're talking about.)

Happy fucking day.

Update: ACW loves me for my zombie brains. Or something. Better link here.

Dublin or bust

My brother and I work in the exact same profession, with the exact same client demographic, at "competing businesses"* across the street from one another. Somehow we almost never see each other, but we're always thinking of each other.

In this morning's inbox I received this message from him:

Just yell if you need anything.

Currently Guinness is the answer to everything. Tasty, tasty Guinness.


:) Is there any wonder he is my favorite relative? Once our madness dies down it might be time for a tasty, tasty Guinness together.

Anyone else care to join? My brother is super cool and there's a nice Irish pub down the hill from us.

*I use the term "competing businesses" so loosely that it just fell down around its own ankles. We're not direct competitors, but we do steal each other's clients quite a bit. ;)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

wiping the drool from the corner of my eyes

Kim sent me a photo of her boy cuz I'm always all up in her business when it comes to the vicarious living.

Cover your ears. Just do it. Thanks.


You know the guy from Girls Just Want to Have Fun?!? HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THAT GUY, ONLY ACTUALLY COOL.

Kim is freaking hot herself so I'm not surprised. :) I'm just noting. :)

unfairly robotic flowers

No fair! (As in, didn't go, not as in life sucks.) Too exhausted by little kiddos being way too much fun. If Break Boy would let me I'd totally steal his kids and keep them as my own. Two photos from the party...

Me eating a robot an alien (it was a robot and alien-themed party).

My cake and ice cream.

I've finally uploaded photos for Sunday Garden Party! Not too many this week, but they're great no matter. Here's a photo of flowers I cut myself from my gardens then arranged myself in this vase then put on the island for my viewing pleasure:


Rest of the 36-photo set is over at flickr.

à bientôt

Off to a certain adorable boy's 5th birthday party and then probably to the fair. SGP will occur after those events. The Monarchs have taken over the butterfly bush! :) :) :)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Catch ya a little later...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I am annoyed with myself today. Ever have those days?

Johnny Cash truly is one badass dead sOb

I found this over at A Feast of Crumbs and I need to share. Here's a list of 10 reasons why Johnny Cash owns pwns Chuck Norris, authored by Xxoozero at Shoutwire:

Reason 1.
Only one man who has ever lived has been bad enough to be called “The Man In Black” and it wasn’t Chuck Norris

Reason 2.
Johnny didn’t have to fight to be a bad ass. He just had to pick up a beer bottle and a guitar.

Reason 3.
Norris made a bunch of films where he killed folks. Johnny Cash went to Folsom Prison and did a concert. You tell me which one takes more balls.

Reason 4.
Chuck wasn’t the first of his kind to kick ass. Johnny was the first rock star to set something on fire. While most artists only set their hotel rooms on fire, Johnny took it one step further and burned down half a national forest.

Reason 5.
When Chuck was five, he was a normal five year old. Johnny had already earned man points by working in his dad’s cotton fields. That is a true bad ass. By the time he was six, Cash did more hard work than most men do in their whole life.

Reason 6.
Chuck never got stabbed in the back by a woman. Johnny never stopped bleeding. Chuck may have gotten punched a few times, but Johnny knew what real pain was.

Reason 7.
Chuck is a republican. Johnny was close with every president except for GWB. It was said he just didn’t trust that son of a bitch. When Johnny didn’t trust someone, you just knew something foul was going on.

Reason 8.
Johnny was invited to play the at White House in 1972 for Richard Nixon. He was given a list of politically correct songs to sing. He instead metaphorically threw up his middle finger at the establishment, in true ShoutWire fashion, and sang a set full of left leaning, politically charged tunes. Chuck Norris has never told the president to fuck off in his own house.

Reason 9.
Chuck Norris made a lot of crappy movies. Johnny Cash never touched anything that didn’t turn to gold. In the 80’s, he made a song called “Chicken in Black” to get himself out of a record deal. Even that became popular.

Reason 10.
Johnny is the only man in history to decline painkillers after a double bypass heart surgery. He knew he liked drugs too god damn much and wouldn’t stop. That shows power over an addiction previously not seen before. Kicking a ninja's ass is easy compared to kicking a drug's ass.

Posted without permission from Joe or Skeletor.

advantages to things I don't like

This is the second Saturday in a row that I have worked. I'd just like to state for the record: I don't like working on Saturdays. I do, however, enjoy shooting the shit with the guys when it's slow. That I like very much. Because they teach me things that ladies just don't get to learn when they're shooting the breeze with the ladies. Because ladies don't talk about "shit". (I do, but I'm not a lady.)

I'm also amused at the fact that clients now tell me how important and awesome external backup drives are. This means they are learning. We discussed losing very important documents and they all cringed in fear and said they never ever let that happen, backup backup backup. I am so proud of them. So very proud. If it were okay for me to pat them on the head and tell them just how proud I am I would, but... touching = sexual harassment, so no touching. :D

Friday, August 24, 2007

This is why I love B

She just sent me a text message totally meant for her DH. I think what she wrote to me is illegal in 7 states.

Just kidding, B, but that was hilarious.

No shit, Sherly!

I is busy.

I had flatbread pizza for lunch.

I parallel parked so well when I arrived to pick up the pizza for everyone at work that my co-worker (we'll call him notPoppy, since we have similar last names, which kinda ticks him off cuz everyone calls him by my last name ;) who came with to carry the pizza told me how impressed he was; he's not easily impressed. (I was 2 inches from the curb and perfectly centered in the space. No idea how. Love my Kia.) notPoppy's hobbies include shooting guns, shooting guns? Great guy, known him since college, but I think all I know is that he lives with his wife in the same trailer park I lived in as a kid and that he (shoots guns!). He also talked me into going to the liquor store to buy soda. Just soda. See?

Big things, big things.

DOOOOOD! YOU CAN ADD VIDEOS DIRECTLY TO BLOGGER NOW!!!!!! WTF!!!!! AWESOME!!! Too bad it doesn't let you actually shoot the video like YouTube.

Back to the scary busy grind. Let's hope I don't go temporarily blind in one eye by the end of the day like I did yesterday. (For real.)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Why, do you suppose, I heap quite this much stress upon myself? No clue, perhaps because I enjoy it like the sick and twisted girl that I am.

If this were a body of water it'd be a tsunami. And it keeps on going until next Thursday.

I'm such a lucky, lucky girl.

Yo, vendors, when I tell you I can't do phone calls until September 4 I'm not kidding. Stop leaving me messages. For real. EMAIL.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You wanted to know what I had for dinner, yes?

DSC08512.JPG DSC08514.JPG

DSC08515.JPG DSC08508


salad! with Keyser Söze Caesar dressing!


Dan posted a guide to 5 ways to shine at work. I read through them all because I was curious how I was doing in the shining department. Not so good, if you ask me, but I definitely have that 5th one down, the one about attitude being everything. This little nugget stands out:

"Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it."

The next time anyone tells me that my reaction to a situation is ridiculous or invalid or unimportant I'm going to verbally bitch slap that person and and then shake my beautiful ass as I walk away. Because that's how I roll.

So, raise your hand if you're the one in four American adults who hasn't read a book in the last year. Those of you with your hand raised: wtf? You know reading is, like, really important and stuff? Yes? So, READ! I know I've been slacking in the reading department lately, but I currently have a reserve of about 7 books to read. They're all just staring at me going, "Poppy, read me!" but I need to wait until my busy time at work ends...somewhere in the early-Septemberish time frame. I really cannot wait to get back into reading. I've missed it. Just got burnt out on it from studying for my security cert last year (I really did have to read thousands of pages for that damn thing) and kept this as my convenient excuse to ignore my love for it. No more excuses. Well, except this current excuse. But then after that, no more excuses! ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Graphite, my old friend.

Anyone seen my pencil? I had it upstairs in the machine room... Hmm. I need to stop losing my writing implements. Or stop writing, I suppose.

i m t3h awsum

I parallel parked (left side) for the first time in 5 years and did so perfectly between my boss's car in front of me and some Audi in back of me. And then just for kicks I gunned it forward then gunned it in the reverse. So much fun...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

flower break

Hey, everyone. :) Didn't take any flower photos this week so not posting SGP. Hope you have a great Sunday!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

review of Superbad

I've never seen as many cocks in my entire life as I saw in this one film. And when I say cocks I mean penises.

I have never laughed so hard at a movie while in the movie theater.

Michael Cera is a fucking genius, as is Seth Rogen.

Despite some reviews to the contrary, the movie is not carried solely by the McLovin plot line. But that is an excellent plot line...

I will own this movie.

You need to see it. No choice, go now. Right now.

oot n aboot

I'm going to work right now. For real. On a Saturday. When I don't normally work Saturdays. Sacrifices for the greater good, or something.

After that I'm going to see Superbad so it will all be worth it. :D

Friday, August 17, 2007


I had a bloody nose this morning. It's not dry here. I figured I just haven't had enough water lately and forgot about it. Weeeelllllllll, my nose is bleeding again. Just from the one nostril. Not a lot, not as much as this morning. But still. wtf?

Do you think it's cuz I have to work tomorrow and possibly Sunday so my body's rebelling? Gotta work next weekend too. Very happy about that. Har.

somebody loves me?! ooh, yay!

Just got this craftily worded phishing email:

I`m in hurry, but i still love you...
(as you can see on the ecard)

I've received about 1.5 billion messages of this type over the past few weeks, but none professing their love for me. I like how they keep using ` instead of '. That amuses me.

(IP withheld to protect the stupid.)

alternate universe

Today I've had two Starbucks coffee-flavored frappuccino drinks, one venti iced mocha (full fat) with whipped cream, and one cookie dough Peace Pop, and yet my pants keep threatening to completely fall down when I'm walking unless I hold onto the belt loop.

Somewhere in the world a woman who ate healthily today is super pissed that she gained 10 pounds anyway. (Sorry!)


So, I'm in better spirits today. There won't be more explanation on the blog about that last post, sorry to "disappoint" anyone.

Yesterday I went to a company picnic during a tornado warning and had fantastic steak on the grill! Also got the biggest hug ever, unprompted, by Break Boy's son. I love his kids so much. They are so sweet and mischievous at the very same time. And his daughter looked sooooo adorable in her pigtails while she fell over backwards and giggled and babbled to me.

After picnic I came home to a power outage, a forced break from the eWorld. I appreciated the break, watched a movie on my laptop and took a little quiet time to just sit on my bed and think in the dark. I love the dark now that it doesn't scare me. I was afraid of it until January. Isn't that weird? No longer scared of it, now love it.

Used the generator for a bit of time to microwave some dinner and watch the finale of SYTYCD. Congrats to Sabra! Apparently I know how to call 'em. Was glad to see everyone back who could be back, but the sparkle was gone from many of the other performers' eyes (most noticeably Pasha's and Sara's). Danny's original partner (whose name I can't remember) was the best of the non-final 4. She is a true entertainer.

After this the power came back on but I was tired so went to the bedroom to do some more reflecting. I enjoy the silence, Depeche Mode-inspired or not. ;) Listened to some Justin Timberlake on repeat and enjoyed life.

The only thing missing: Kitties. They were all busy elsewhere, no time for Mama. S'okay, they're always in my heart.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

on the verge

I pushed that boulder all the way up that fucking hill and it just rolled all the way back to the bottom. I'm curling up into a little ball and turning off my brain until next year.

sytycd finale prediction

Loved the Mia Michaels performance between Neil and Danny last night.

I think Sabra might win? Not sure... If a guy wins I really hope it's Neil. I now understand Danny better from his personal piece, but it's too little too late. His coldness throughout the entire competition has turned me off to the idea of him deserving to win. I really wish they'd done this piece at the start of the competition so I had time to get used to the reasons why he's such a standoffish ass.

If Lacey wins I probably won't watch next year. Too many Schwimmers.

more shine

Poppy wants it to be the weekend so she can get some McLovin:


You know SuperBad is gonna be supergood, at least the parts written (by Seth Rogen) with Seth Rogen in them. ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Let's see if I can articulate this.

Do you ever have those moments where you witness just a commonplace event and suddenly your brain is working on overdrive trying to remember how what you're looking at that very second reminds you of something from childhood?

I was just at the store and one of the entrances was blocked off for the night using shopping carts. When I came out of the store I glanced over at the pattern and my brain knew it to be familiar, it was trying to remind me about something I used to experience as a kid. I still have no idea what, but I love that feeling. Things forgotten but almost remembered... A favorite moment. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

do not take this as a sign of proliferation

Mandy Patinkin left Criminal Minds (abruptly) so Joe Mantegna is filling the gap.

When I first saw the headline I was thinking Joe Montana... the football player... ehhhhm... Yah. And then I saw the visual and I'm okay.

Joe Mantegna:

(He's bringing sexy back.)
Joe Montana:

(Sexy never left him.)

Big diff.

slow the FUCK down

I mean, really. Next Friday is just WAY TOO SOON, not enough days between now and then. I'm not ready for that. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

Nope, not acknowledging. Nope nope nope.

Ducking, covering, crying in a little ball.

pick-up/take-out/check-out lines

Apparently me running into the door with my head on the way out Friday did not detour (ahem) deter (at least I catch my own mistakes) the cafe check-out guy from wanting to continue hitting on me. He just used a line on me. Smoooooooth. :)

I can't share with you the actual line he used because it's work specific (as in, specific to my employer) but that's extra bonus points right there. Takes mad skillz to do that, no?

I know I'm cute, but it's weird to me that people I don't know flirt with me. I think it's because I smile and look people in the eye, which is what I'm doing with you right now. (How you doin'? Hehehe.)

Monday, August 13, 2007

a really good friend

Break Boy made me lentil pie at 12:30am last night because he knows I'm in need of pie lately.

DSC08439 DSC08440

His wife added the kitty cat design to it. Do you see it?


That pie? Fucking awesome. Pie crust, tomato, red lentils, onion, and extra sharp cheddar cheese. What is NOT to love?!?!?

This is why I have a friend who I met at age 6 and keep around. He is awesome. I'm pretty sure all the other friends take him completely for granted, but I never will again.


I'm just sayin'

I could use a real, actual hug right now without motivation beyond "I'm here for you". Anyone on their way to France anytime soon who's willing to give such a hug?

In return I give you a really great hug back. And maybe a wet shoulder. :}

(See, this is why I generally post fluffy things. I'm actually very introspective at heart and few people can handle me that way. ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

night day at the museum

This week's Sunday Garden Party is brought to you by the letters Q and P and the number 7.


DSC08238.JPG DSC08144.JPG DSC08142.JPG

The rest of the fantastic 75-photo set is available at flickr.

random thought of the day

I'd pay good money to see William Shatner sing the Violent Femmes song Blister in the Sun in his stilted, pausy Shatner style.

Dunno why I've always loved that song so much, since I don't do the drugs. Maybe it's the reference to "big hands".

SGP coming up later today.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

"It's not an iPhone, it's an Altoids tin!"

Are you aware that where I live in France we cannot obtain service for the iPhone? So, we have to go to another state country and start the service then permanently use roaming minutes. Like it wasn't expensive enough to buy the fucking phone and the service plan, ya know? Fuckers. FUCK YAH, LET'S DO IT!

(That last fuck was for Crys who's absent from my life right now and I am not sure I can stand that much longer. I just like saying "fuck" in all its variations. ;)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Two more things Bob Allen could have told the police instead of being racist

Apparently in Florida the state representatives don't know what penises in mouths mean.

As completely ripped off from John Oliver of The Daily Show:

1. I have tonsillitis and I thought that man's penis was a flashlight.

2. I'm bulimic but I hate shoving my finger down my throat.

I sound like a muppet, I'm laughing so hard.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

throwing a bone

Even if I were not on hiatus I would be silent here. Work is always, always, ALWAYS complete fucking insanity in August. Always. For those of you who know what I do for work (and where) you know why.

And home life is an adjustment. That's all I'll say. Taking more time to check in with what's going on, including more play time with the girls.

I'll write here when I feel like it but I guess I won't return to my prolific blogging today. :)

I'm quietly reading blogs as my life allows me to do so. I'm definitely "behind" on a lot of your blogs. Thanks for being on summer vacation so that most of you (except PAT, ZOMG) are posting very little.

I'm not addicted to blogging, but I do miss my blog friends, the chatter, the sense of community, the sharing of my totally random and zany self.

And I'm anticipating a comment from a particular someone about this post's title so I'll get this out of the way now: NAUGHTY DAWG! :P ;)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I might be getting punked.

I am back on hiatus, but I'm putting the blog up because it's flipping everyone out to have it be blank. I'll be in touch. Things are tarded at the moment and I am just not going to further that behavior by posting anything here.

My shiny ball below explains how I feel right now. A lot of you know why, and you want me to talk about it, but it's very private and will remain that way here.

I'm off like a dirty shirt. :P

(I am still funny even in the face of total shitocracy.)

Hugs and kisses to you all,

at a loss

I have a lot to say, but it's trapped inside of me.

Monday, August 06, 2007

break it down to the ground, flip it back up to the mound

Oh, that title's kinda dirty. Hmm.

This one's for wHall who is trying to outbreak me. :P

Word 2 ur motha's motha.

Not an actual breakdance, but you knoooooow she wanted to bust out her moves. In case you're not familiar, that's "Top That!" from the 1989 movie Teen Witch. (If you don't feel totally embarrassed after watching that clip then I commend you for your imperviousness.)

Notez Bien

You may see a lot of even more superficial posts than usual here, but I appreciate it that you're sticking around anyway.

I currently have absolutely nothing to say, so here's another photo:

Happy birthday, beautiful girl. Mama loves you more than words can say.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

s g random p

The glads are in full swing, as are the caterpillars:

  DSC07731.JPG   DSC07752.JPG

Rest of the 42-photo set is over at flickr.

Also, randomly, a video of me slicing open a milkweed pod for your viewing pleasure:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

self titled


A tribute to my girl crush

I'm sad Sara Von Gillern got kicked off SYTYCD but it's not for her lack of talent or for her lack of smokin' hotedness as the best b-girl around.

For her farewell I give you her best two performances.




Update: Since no one can see when I link off to stuff because dark blue and black look similar when the font is small I have BOLDED the link to b-girl. I don't expect everyone to know what a b-girl is because you didn't grow up in my world. So, if you were wondering what a b-girl is please just click the word b-girl above. But not here, because I'm too lazy to link it here. :P ;)

Update 2: wHall explains that I misinterpreted his unfortunately worded comment, and he did actually use my link to learn about b-girls. It's fascinating stuff! I probably wouldn't know anything about them if Karalee hadn't danced with the boys on that flattened cardboard in the middle school cafeteria. She was such a badass...

Yah, okay, so that was fun.

I'm all done with this blog silence, especially since Hay let you all in on what's going on in our very private life via his comment. He means well, and I'm not taking it down, but I do not want your pity or whatever. This blog isn't about that and it won't become about that. So, um, hi, I'm not going to be talking about that here.

Moving on!

Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm not dead, but I'm still on hiatus(s).

That's all I'll say for now. :) Thanks to everyone who has been checking up on me. Sorry I'm not being very "verbal" about what's going on with me. It's private.

(Poppy has something she won't reveal on the blog?! ZOMG! ;)