Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are you just trying to piss us off?

(Mel, sweetie, avert your eyes. This one's not nice.)

Full rtardedness over at CNN.

We were briefed for an entire day after this incident by our chief of police. We are working on implementing an alert system since we have so many buildings and it's difficult to reach everyone at once.

It's not like you just expect some kid to go fucking mental and start shooting, wander off, then wander back. We can plan for it now because it's happened. And really we're just planning for what we think might happen, not what we know will happen "next time". But, in the moment the administration thought they were doing the right thing. Sometimes we're wrong. We're fallible. We just are. It's because humans are not as predictable as we all hope each other will be, especially when a human is off his (or her) fucking rocker.

So, allow us to learn the lessons that are actually helpful to learn from this tragedy and not just point the finger and walk away with a repeat of history.

(To the one person who is going to argue this was not a tragedy, definition: a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair. It was that, Sir. It was that.)


crys said...

who could say that wasn't a tragedy? good lord, was it ever.

and i saw that on Drudge. it made me upset. there's always got to be someone to blame, i guess.

Miss Britt said...

I noticed that on the news this morning and I thought "good Lord does EVERYTHING need a fucking independent investigative panel?!"

We always want to know "how could this have been prevented". That's what's wrong with people today. No one wants to say "so, what do we do NOW?"

ADW said...

Of course it was a tragedy. Plus it is much easier to lay blame after the fact. Now it is time to move forward and make the appropriate changes and adjustments for the future.

Mel said...

It's kinda hard to avert my eyes when it's beeing flashed at me from all directions!

And, it's not hard to guess where I stand in the whole debate.

Time to stop pointing fingers and start helping the community to heal. Period. And shit like this isn't helping anyone heal.

Thanks for you words, Poppy. It's things like this that help to ease the pain...

Avitable said...

I said it wasn't a tragedy on the scale with which people were comparing it.

It's always a tragedy when someone dies. Well, usually.

But 32 deaths is a small drop in the bucket if we expand our vision beyond the xenophobic borders of the US.

RW said...

Well how the hell are people supposed to plan for the eventuality that hasn't occurred to anyone yet?

Wait, I know. let's get a headcase to sit down and we'll get him to think of all the wretched stuff that would never occur to any of us and then we can make a PROGRAM to counter it all happening.

Pretty bogus report if'n you ask me.

Kristen said...

Yeah, it could have been prevented. Hiroshima could have been prevented. Sept 11 could have been prevented. My cavities could have been prevented. Hell, my birth could have been prevented. What's their point?

Avi: If someone joins the military, they're reasonably assured that they'll be shot at. The 32 people who died at VT were in school, in classrooms. I don't think it's relevant to compare a day at school to serving in the military in a war zone.

Avitable said...


I didn't say anything about the military. I'm talking about the other thousands of deaths that occur that are equally, if not more, senseless, around the globe.