Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm not dead, but I'm still on hiatus(s).

That's all I'll say for now. :) Thanks to everyone who has been checking up on me. Sorry I'm not being very "verbal" about what's going on with me. It's private.

(Poppy has something she won't reveal on the blog?! ZOMG! ;)


Tug said...

Take your time...take care of you!

Bearette24 said...

I think I know what it is ;)

Kristen said...

Bearette knows?

Well, anyway, I hope you're well with your ZOMG and all. I've already declared summer hours for everyone, so it's all good.

Poppy Cede said...

How much of the internet now thinks I am pregnant? The entire lot of you? Great.

Sorry that I was cryptic enough to unintentionally imply false information. I'm just going through something and I'm not blogging about it. No spawn of Poppy are being produced from said hiatus. :)

Bearette24 said...

Hehe...guess I was wrong :D

Poppy Cede said...

Quite alright, someone else said the same to me elsewhere so I'm glad to correct the rumor I mistakenly started. :)

LeSombre said...

What's the plural of hiatus? Hiatii?

I got nothin'.



Gecko Rock said...

Doesn't it feel good to unplug?

Spéncer said...

I'm sorry I missed your IM today; I HAVE PLENTY TO VENT TO YOU ABOUT.

We'll trade stories soon. This certainly has not been my day at all. :/

Joefish said...

You know, the quieter you are, the more we're going to assume Avi was right about that sex change.

I'm just sayin'. (heh)

Hay Cede said...

Hey everyone. I'm Poppy's husband.

This will be my first post on, well, any blog.

My wife and I have been together 10 years, seven of those married, and three more prior to that "shacked up". While we had separate apartments initially I moved in with Poppy after only three months...her father helped move my bed over to her place so we wouldn't be sleeping on a futon anymore (nothing like approval from "dad", note that I had never really met the man before this time, it was truly a moment).

Our anniversary is actually in a couple weeks (we had a great August day wedding outside).

Anyway. Poppy and I have hit a rough spot in our relationship, and thus the "hiatus" ("hiatuss" if you will).

Admittedly much of the blame is mine. I've always been jealous of the time she spent blogging, talking with folks that I didn't know, about things that I felt we should be discussing with each other (even simple stuff like the daily news). Sadly neither of us handled the lack of communication well...having two laptops in the house makes it easy to have separate lives. Instead of taking an interest, or making it effort, it was easier for me personally to turn to work or games or house projects.

It's an insidious surprise that one day you realize that you don't know your spouse anymore. Moreover, that she has an entire life that you were oblivious to.

I've always known of my wifes various blogs, but never really read them...mainly because I never really got the whole "blogging" thing. I was also sure she wouldn't appreciate me reading her blogs, mainly as I thought it would temper what she would write. I never wanted to be the reason she didn't say something.

I asked Poppy tonight to show me some of the blogs that you folks keep to help me understand. Tonight she showed me several, and I have to are a bunch of nutty people (and that is to be taken as praise, and not disparagingly). I admire the openness that you folks's a very nice supportive community.

Tonight (it's very late now) I've spent the past couple of hours really reading Poppy's log since the end of last year. I didn't realize how much I had missed.

My wife always has, and continues to be, an amazing individual. For those that have had the pleasure of talking with her in chat or on the phone you know what I mean.

I don't know where our relationship might end up (right now it's not good) but I do know that I love my wife. Perhaps "too little, too late", I don't know. I think it's a good sign that she hasn't left me yet :^)

I'm happy to know that Poppy has the support of a lot of folks...she deserves it.

I probably won't write again. I thought I'd just dissolve some of the mystery.

Lucky Pink said...


OMG! We both have unbloggable secrets right now! How cool are we?

Um, anyway... I hope everything is well in the land of Poppy. And I'll probably be revealing my secret on Monday (because that's the soonest that I'll have time to sit down and write).

Poppy Cede said...

Mike - I have no idea... hiatuses? Hmm.

Spénce - I think I can top you. :)

Jfishter - You've figured out my secret. You're a magical fish, aren't you?! ;)

Hay - Insanity, Sir.

Lucky Pink - I am still intrigued by your secret... You better spill it Monday!

Poppy Cede said...

Gecko - I lost your comment in the fray, sorry about that. It felt... weird to unplug. I needed to do it, but I didn't enjoy it. I don't know how you do it. :)

Gecko Rock said...

Honestly, Poppy... my dad is dying. I'm either working or spending time with him. There are a few other things I could say about not writing, but not publicly.