Friday, August 17, 2007


So, I'm in better spirits today. There won't be more explanation on the blog about that last post, sorry to "disappoint" anyone.

Yesterday I went to a company picnic during a tornado warning and had fantastic steak on the grill! Also got the biggest hug ever, unprompted, by Break Boy's son. I love his kids so much. They are so sweet and mischievous at the very same time. And his daughter looked sooooo adorable in her pigtails while she fell over backwards and giggled and babbled to me.

After picnic I came home to a power outage, a forced break from the eWorld. I appreciated the break, watched a movie on my laptop and took a little quiet time to just sit on my bed and think in the dark. I love the dark now that it doesn't scare me. I was afraid of it until January. Isn't that weird? No longer scared of it, now love it.

Used the generator for a bit of time to microwave some dinner and watch the finale of SYTYCD. Congrats to Sabra! Apparently I know how to call 'em. Was glad to see everyone back who could be back, but the sparkle was gone from many of the other performers' eyes (most noticeably Pasha's and Sara's). Danny's original partner (whose name I can't remember) was the best of the non-final 4. She is a true entertainer.

After this the power came back on but I was tired so went to the bedroom to do some more reflecting. I enjoy the silence, Depeche Mode-inspired or not. ;) Listened to some Justin Timberlake on repeat and enjoyed life.

The only thing missing: Kitties. They were all busy elsewhere, no time for Mama. S'okay, they're always in my heart.


whall said...

Check out Justin Timerlake's latest work with Duran Duran - my wife is quite the Durannie and LOVES LOVES LOVES this song!

Poppy Cede said...

Ooops, meant to reply to this. If they clean up the track it will be a definite dance party favorite. :D