Friday, August 10, 2007

Two more things Bob Allen could have told the police instead of being racist

Apparently in Florida the state representatives don't know what penises in mouths mean.

As completely ripped off from John Oliver of The Daily Show:

1. I have tonsillitis and I thought that man's penis was a flashlight.

2. I'm bulimic but I hate shoving my finger down my throat.

I sound like a muppet, I'm laughing so hard.


RW said...

This is one of those moments I'm really glad I rarely watch the news I guess.

BelchSpeak said...

Whoa, not sure about the racism part, but geeze, this dude has problems.

And not necessarily the addiction to hog smoking.

As a republican, the guy only pulls in 30k per year as a representative and 15k for consulting fees?? He's doing it wrong. Must be the lowest paid republican in florida.

Methinks he should be charging more for blowjobs- He'll never break the upper middle class income level at that rate.

Jen said...

The bad part is that that guy lives on my dear Merritt Island. Guess scumbags are everywhere.

Spéncer said...

Heh, wonderful home state of La Florida. I adore you and your wacked out politicians. <3

Avitable said...

I didn't see the part about him being racist.

I love that this happens so frequently to the people who have the highest ratings among the Christian coalition.

Poppy Cede said...

RW, yah...

Pat, I was quoting the name of the segment on TDS. Something about Allen claiming that he only tried to smoke the cigar because he was scared about the black guys all around him.

Jen, you can't pick your neighbors...

Spénce, EMANCIPATE then hurry up and get old enough to vote them out.

Avi, see what I said to Pat. I typed exactly what John Oliver named the segment. I don't think that religion plays a part in your sexual orientation, I think it just makes you feel like shit for being anything but hetero.