Thursday, August 16, 2007

sytycd finale prediction

Loved the Mia Michaels performance between Neil and Danny last night.

I think Sabra might win? Not sure... If a guy wins I really hope it's Neil. I now understand Danny better from his personal piece, but it's too little too late. His coldness throughout the entire competition has turned me off to the idea of him deserving to win. I really wish they'd done this piece at the start of the competition so I had time to get used to the reasons why he's such a standoffish ass.

If Lacey wins I probably won't watch next year. Too many Schwimmers.

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lizgwiz said...

I'm rooting for Sabra. I've had enough of the Schwimmers, too. And Danny, perfect of body and technique though he is, seems to almost have a slight borderline personality disorder. Those are some cold eyes.