Wednesday, August 29, 2007

astronauts are NOT drunk!

Following up When good space ladies go bad:

An internal NASA review found no evidence to back up last month's report that astronauts have been allowed to fly drunk, NASA sources told CNN on Tuesday.

The agency ordered the review after an independent panel reported anecdotal evidence of intoxicated astronauts flying aircraft and spacecraft. The review, by NASA's Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, is to be released Wednesday.

The NASA Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee in July reported two alleged cases in which astronauts were so drunk that flight surgeons or other astronauts raised concerns over flight safety. The astronauts in question were still allowed to fly, the panel said.

The independent panel's report offered no specifics about the drinking episodes and said no attempt was made to confirm information given in interviews.

It was convened to look into NASA's medical and psychological screening process after the arrest of former astronaut Lisa Nowak. She is accused of assaulting a romantic rival in February.

Nowak has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Following the committee's report, NASA adopted an interim policy saying astronauts are not qualified for flight if they consume alcohol within 12 hours of launch and ordered the review.

The report from the committee said, "Interviews with both flight surgeons and astronauts identified some episodes of heavy use of alcohol by astronauts in the immediate preflight period, which has led to flight safety concerns."

The committee said in another section of the report that it did not provide the space agency with names.

The NASA sources told CNN that Wednesday's report also does not name anyone. (CNN)

Wearing a diaper in the car doesn't mean you're drunk. Just sayin'.


Jen said...

The original report of them flying drunk did sound a little fishy to me. I know people who work over in Flight Crew Systems, they are the ones that dress the astronauts in the orange suits before launch and they had no knowledge of this drunken flying. If anyone would know, they would.

Poppy Cede said...

Jen, I figured you'd have the in. You can tell by smell or demeanor if someone's tipsy, and I really don't see any drunk astronauts flying around my house ever...