Monday, July 02, 2007

Take the gator bait

Mr. Fab is single-handedly responsible for Sculpey sweeping through the blogosphere. Many bloggers are now quietly crafting their own Sculpey scenes to show their praise of Fab. Except Heather, who is an Ohio State Buckeyes fan but received Florida Gators gear from Fab for her 25th 32nd birthday:

It makes me swoon when Heather flips us off, even if she's only directing it at Fab. Her retaliation was swift, just, in Sculpey form, and so hilarious I needed to share:

It's gator bites. Yaaah, girl. He won't mess with you from now on! (Which means he totally will. Bring on the Sculpey Wars!)


Avitable said...

It was so clever! That's why I'm afraid to try it myself - I don't think I could reach that level of awesomeness.

ADW said...

Oh my freaking loving it!!! Being a buckeye (I love that it sounds so dirty when I say it) I must say that I love anything to do with destroying the gators. That is fanfriggingtastic.

heather said...

You have got to get yourself some Sculpey and join the fun of torturing Mr. Fab! It will give you a warm feeling inside.

Poppy Cede said...

Avi - I hear ya.

ADW - Hehe. I love your use of fanfriggingtastic.

Heather - Maybe someone-named-Mr-Fab needs to give it to me for my birthday!