Friday, July 06, 2007

dirty towels

I am so blind without my glasses. So very, very blind. If I step out of the shower and realize my towel is too dirty to continue using I have a very awkward time finding a new one because my glasses aren't clean yet so I won't put them on to go look for a cleaner towel. I'll wander into the bedroom, open my eyes really wide, stare at the big pile of clothes on the master bed which is again not in use, and throw clothes up in the air like a mad woman while I search for a towel. Fifty percent of the time I cannot find one. Once I've deemed a towel too dirty to use it goes to the dirty pile and I cannot use it again, so even if I can't find a towel that is cleaner the one I just chucked is off limits. I instead resort to using a t-shirt, blanket, or hand towel. It's entertaining to watch, I'm sure.

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