Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sYTYCd real-time blogging

Top 10.

Shane's choreography is amazing. That mechanical spider thing at the start of the routine blew my fucking mind. Pasha annoys the fucking piss out of me when he's not dancing because he is so immature, but I think he and Lauren did a fucking incredible job with the hip hop. Best Russian hip hop dancer? Meh, but still very good. It's his sharp movements and checking in with his partner without making it seem like he's just trying to see what comes next that is so amazing about his dancing.

Jaimie's rendition of Wade's peace-not-war solo is doing nothing for me. Nothing at all. I'm looking forward to the other dancers doing the exact same routine so I can see if it's Wade's solo I'm not connecting with or if it's Jaimie. Wade's choreography is generally quirky hotness. Hmm.

Dominic doing the solo. Ahhhh... I get it now. Yup, Jaimie was just bad at it. Dominic's version connected me. Now I'm curious if it's the aggressive or the fact that he's a man, while Jaimie was delicate and ... feminine.

Kameron and Sabra are paired up for contemporary. Not my favorite style, and Amazing Grace is a song I always feel like I'm supposed to be moved by but never am. Those two strikes against don't stop me from enjoying their performance. Oooh, nice spinny kick, Kam! I wish Sabra didn't have to keep showing her undies. Not a fan of seeing the undies when dancers are dancing, too distracting. I agree with Nigel that Sabra connected with the piece but Kam didn't, and it felt like they were dancing solo next to each other.

Sarah's solo. She's a bgirl so she has the aggressive movements needed, and incredible facial expressions. Best solo so far, best interpretation.

Pasha's solo. Wow, so much different than the other interpreations. So much more fluid, and tender without the aggression. He may have finally hit the correct interpretation of this peace-not-war thing. His emotion is spot on. (But he still annoys the shit out of me. It's the "I'm a good boy, right?" look. Be confident, man.)

Lacey and the kiss of death Danny are paired up. Lacey is a sex kitten and Danny calls her out on it in the interview. They are dancing the samba, and their extensions and lines are very clean. I read: Danny is disconnected from Lacey while she tries to pull him into her world. He is resistant to her feminine whiles, which isn't a good thing for a samba. Ooh, but he knows how to griiiiiiiiiind (by himself). Thanks to hot Dmitri from last season for choreographing. I totally disagree with Nigel, I think it was Lacey connecting with Danny while Danny didn't try. Nigel said the 100% opposite. Mary and Mia got it right.

Lauren's solo -- great extension! Wow, I cannot believe how high she gets up in the air! K, this is my favorite version. Hands down. So glad she didn't get kicked off the show last week.

Neil's solo is boring for me, except when he does the jumpkick.

Sabra's turn ath the solo, and WOW she does a powerful scream. I've decided I don't like it when they all perform the same solo. It gets dull. Love Sabra, but... I'm over the solo.

Ooops, hi Kam. His solo is sloppy and the extensions are fumbly. He looks like he's in a mosh pit. It's not supposed to look like he's in a mosh pit.

Jaimie and Dominic couple up for the Viennese waltz with Spanish flair. Jaimie just isn't doing anything for me. Hmm. Let's hope this resolves for next week but Dom is still around. Nigel saying Dominic overcharacterized was not true for me. Nigel, the reason you weren't focused on Jaimie is because she was boring. Ugh, Mary! You too? It was Jaimie who sucked!! Mia brings the sense, her bluntness focusing on the technique is what makes me warm up to the idea that anything wrong happened with Dominic.

Lacey's solo. Someone was (not heckling, but being very loud) and threw her off during a big portion of the performance. I didn't enjoy anything about her solo.

Danny has clean lines for the solo but does not connect emotion to the piece.

Sarah and Neil do disco. Have I ever mentioned I love disco? Sad, but true. Oh, this performance is hot, and Sarah does incredible movements. My bgirl knows how to clean up! I'm sure these two wouldn't mind being paired up every week. Incredible...

Hmm, I think Sarah is suddenly my favorite. Sexy with awesome technique, and HUGE THIGHS. YAR. :)

Ending on a euphoric note. Kick off Jaimie and Danny, SVP.

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