Saturday, July 07, 2007

I rock!

Thanks to the gorgeous and talented hpnotiq-sipping Heather who has bestowed upon me this lovely award:

Her reason for giving it to me: "About a month ago, there was a slight misunderstanding where [Poppy] thought I called her a bitch. We sorted it out and she became a very cool blog friend. She’s very witty and makes me laugh often."

She rocks harder. And whenever she mln's at us I go a bit insane in the membrane. :)

I'm supposed to keep the chain going and choose 5 people to give this award to. I'll understand if the color scheme of it doesn't permit you to post it on your blog, but... you still get the award, chicas. Here goes:

1. Bdogg. Who didn't see this one coming? B is my bestest friend in the entire world. She is beautiful and caring and supportive and loving and she names her cats after anime characters.

2. SourPuss. ZOMG she rocks so hard. Really, everything about her is rockin'. From her badass attitude about life to her pirate porn collection (heeheehee) she is just amazing. Plus she's super intelligent and she lives in Canada which is where I want to live in my perfect world.

3. Mel. How can I not name my horndog partner in crime? She's sassy and she smokes several mean cigars. (Girl, that last video was HOT.)

4. Stef. She loves music, ergo she rocks. Plus she is witty and beautiful and wildly entertaining and a wonderful draw-er, and she thinks I know what I'm talking about when it comes to gardening and landscaping which is very flattering.

5. Kristen. HER NIPPLES ARE PIERCED. Nuff said. Okay, okay, and she's just amazing.

If I don't say this I'm going to get hate comments if she notices, so I'm calling out a particular blogger extraordinaire: Someone who I refuse to give the award to because she is the shaman of my life is Crys. A shaman does not rock; a shaman rolls. And fills everyone with light and box wine.

There are others of you who are not on the list who also rock. I hate being limited by quantity.


sourpuss said...

I accept this award & thank you for your super kind words & your tolerance of my slightly skewed perspective on things. **HUG**

Screw the colour scheme, I'm totally putting this award on my blog. Right next to the other one you gave me.

Poppy Cede said...

Awww, I hug you right back! I am more than tolerant, I am accepting and compassionate. I don't mean to be, it just happens. Yay for not caring about color schemes!!!

Joefish said...

I rocked once. A few years ago. For almost twelve minutes. Best. Tuesday. Ever.

'course, I've never been a rockin' girl blogger.

Poppy Cede said...

Joseph - Would you like me to name you an honorary rockin' girl blogger? It has been made so. Do you feel different now? Perhaps pretty, oh so pretty?

Joefish said...

I do feel pretty, oh so pretty!

stefanie said...

Oh my. Did I really not comment on this to thank you?? I definitely thought I did. I am working on my post acknowledging this, but it is taking me way damn long because I cannot decide how to play favorites and pick only five lady bloggers who rock. They ALL ROCK, dammit!

Ahem. Thank you. Lucky for you, my blog is pink, so the Barbie-esque award does not even clash. :-)

Crystal said...

how did i miss this? oh no!

i am putting on my gown and getting the makeup artist together...

will accept the award in style...


i'm putting on my overalls again.