Wednesday, July 25, 2007

in which fauxmicah admits to being from MA

On Top Chef: Watch What Happens all three seasons of contestants come together to answer fan questions.

A fan calls out Micah for her yearbook pics on the web. She admits she's American, that she grew up in Massachusetts, that her dad is South African, that she eats Stroganoff and Hungarian Goulash, all with her South African accent. ... Fauxmicah.

RW, do you believe me now?

Further "proof" from a sibling over at Amuse Biatch:

ABSOLUTELY FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trust me, I grew up in the same house as her, she is my younger sister!

Our father is from Cape Town, South Africa, and we have been there. But we were all born and raised in Massachusetts, but we absolutely don't have the typical pak the cah accent, but neither our younger brother or me sound like Micah.

All our family and friends have no clue where she invented this from.

[redacted], nee Edelstein

I can't confirm that person is really her sister, but let's trust that the person is who she says she is. Anyone else on the planet seems more trustworthy than fauxmicah right now.


RW said...

I bow unto your feet and submit to the light of your awesomeness.

whall said...

I'm still wondering if I have the cajones to post yearbook pictures. I have a collection of stuff that I'm tempted to humiliate myself with, from when I was in a Mardi Gras parade (a prince, no less) and some high school senior photos... I just might do it.