Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An update on the whole hand thing

Sunday and Monday my hand was blown up like a balloooon. I think I still have a bit of cellulitis in the left thumb, but otherwise the hand looks awesome. At the advice of severely nefarious counsel I have decided not to consult a physician and instead risk amputation of the thumb. You'll all still love me if I'm missing a thumb, right? Right!

The original hand:

The hand today:

(Click to enlarge any of my awesome hand images.)

I think I'll survive. Really. Thanks for your concern, though. And if I need my hand amputated I know who to sue. ;)


RW said...

Well, he is a doctor.

Kim said...

No, I'm sorry, no thumb = no love. :)

Hope it gets better!

Avitable said...

Exactly. And I'd finally be able to win at thumb wrestling!

Tug said...

I'd still love ya' thumbless...glad to see it's getting better though!

Poppy Cede said...

RW - Yah, yah. A doctor of bullshitting.

Kim - *gasp*

Avi - Are we going to thumb wrestle at dinner? I'm sure all the fine diners would appreciate that. I'm a leftie, play my game.

Tug - Thank you, sweetie. :)

Crystal said...

omg! you should have seen a doctor! i am shocked and apalled!

is that how you spell apalled!

Poppy Cede said...

Crys - I promise it's all better now. The only thing left are two tiny spots where the little bugger nailed me twice. Avi is never wrong. Except when he is.