Saturday, September 15, 2007

Now hear this

From this point forward wHall shall now be known as Wahhhhhhhhhh! and Chelle is a goddess. That is all, citoyens.


whall said...

Thanx, poopy. I mean Poppy.

Maybe I should update my blogger profile so my name shows up as that. Can I even do that?

maybe I should reserve since I don't think wah with 10 h's are taken. And doesn't everyone know wahhhhhhhhhh is spelled with 10 h's?

Poppy Cede said...

You're mln welcome, Wahhhhhhhhhh!! I totally think you should update it to that. I spelled it with only one h originally but Chelle had no freaking idea what I meant.

sourpuss said...

Wow. That was a lots of comments to wade through to get to the reason why you'll be calling him "wahhhhhh!". It was worth it, though, because I learned I'm not the only one that has a repetitive typo problem with "Poopy", and I really enjoyed it when Wayne called Michelle "Cheldork".