Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day, boypren and green bee! (And all my peeps I will totally be texting too early on a Sunday, "oops".)

I love Happy Slip*. I mean, like a lot. I'm kinda... stalking that site. I started watching Christine's videos while waiting to listen to Fab and Tug do their radio show last Sunday (during which I was accused of giving blow jobs instead of calling in, but what can you do...) and it was that stalk-at-first-site sensation. So, you're coming into this whole Happy Slip thing late, but when Kevin starts serenading Mini I lose it laughing because it totally reminds me of the Chinese BSB serenades which I LOVE.

So, yah, talking about it too much. Here's the video from Happy Slip/Christine, entitled "boypren":

And now for Chinese BSB (aka Back Dorm Boys):

(I may have just yelled at Hay, "STOP INTERRUPTING MY CHINESE BACKSTREET BOYS TIME!" while I rewatched that video. May have. Maybe. Yup. I need my Wei Wei time, k? I know he's wearing a headband in that video and headbands are not cool, but he's not always wearing a headband. Duuuuh. Anyway, my yelling is cute.)

This week's Sunday Garden Party contains bugs because flowers + bugs = high quality entertainment. Just look at this fine specimen:


Green bee! Again! I swear he's a superhero. Rest of the 36-photo set is over at flickr.

Please note that next week's set will be a super colossal SGP because Hay, his parents, and I will be going on our yearly garden tour and I will be taking 400+ photos. I won't show you 400+ photos, but it'll be a lot.

To my girls and boy au Canada, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!

*In case you're thinking to yourself, "what exactly is a happy slip?" Christine has explained on her about page.


Avitable said...

I don't get the whole HappySlip thing.

Anyways, only 36 photos for SGP this week?

Poppy Cede said...

Avi, you don't get it... I can't help you. You are beyond hope. Christine is a genius, I tell you, a GENIUS! You also don't get my girl Paperlilies even though she's the reason I made my 50 things therefore you made your 50 things. I'm predicting you will now start wearing a happy slip because of Christine.

And 36 photos is plenty. If you don't like it you go look at the other 5,110 photos I currently have uploaded to flickr. Mkay? Yah, that's what I THOUGHT.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Oh please, you were totally giving blow jobs.

Poppy Cede said...

Mr Fab - I was eating sausage! Sausage. ... Okay, I was giving blow jobs. And you missed the party. :P

Kristen said...

I did get the text msg, thanks :)