Friday, September 29, 2006


Allie says hi to everyone in her purriest voice.

Scramton is the word my brain came up with for Stamford, CT when I was trying to remember the town where Jim went. Hehe.

I'm out of blogland till Sunday night or Monday, so I leave you with this:

After two episodes what do you think of this season's writing on The Office?

I'm not happy with it yet, but that's because I'm focused on one story line.

I appreciate that they leave things to our imagination about Dwight and Angela.

Bye. :)


Avitable said...

I think that this was a weaker episode because they weren't in the actual office.

Jim needs to be with Pam, I agree, but watching the journey is amazing!

And I really enjoyed the concept that Angela's disguise was a blind woman. WTF?

stefanie said...

See, now I think it's great that they're giving us other little story lines, too, since if they advance that one story line we're all focused on, it will likely be the quickest way to kill the show. (Have we learned nothing from "Moonlighting" and "Who's the Boss" and every other show that went that route?) So I'm OK with waiting a bit. But it seems you and I don't see entirely eye to eye on our Office opinions. :-)

That last bit at the end of last night's episode cracked me up (and also entirely unnerved me). A hotel room is NOT the place to use a blacklight! Ewwww.

Bearette24 said...

i think it's great. i'm loving the new season so far.

Nancy Drew said...

hate to admit it but don't watch it...