Thursday, September 14, 2006


So, this friend of Avi's? She posted a meme. And.......well, it's not mandatory that I do it, but it looks like so much fun, so I really need to do it.

Word association meme:

1. Squirrel : bite
2. Cow’s Tongue : nasty
3. Frog’s Legs : French
4. Nutria Rat : huh?
5. Hog’s Head Cheese : (it sounded) gross(, but I just read the recipe, so:) yum!

So, now I want you to EITHER answer Jolie's above OR/(and) do my lame one below. :D Thanks. :) (Let me know which one you're doing, because I'm easily confused.)

1. Capitalism :
2. Socialism :
3. Patriotism :
4. Nationalism :
5. Prism :


Avitable said...

Capitalism: Good
Socialism: Better
Patriotism: Useful in some situations
Nationalism: Obnoxious
Prism: Pretty lights!

lemony said...

Capitalism: cash
Socialism: not to be confused with liberalism
Patriotism: not to be confused with religion
Nationalism: scary
Prism: shiny


Anonymous said...

With apologies to the hostess:

patriotism:4th of July
nationalism:north korea
prism:pink floyd