Monday, October 02, 2006

R and R

I've been a little stressed lately, so I was pretty psyched to have a weekend of fun. I was not discouraged by the fact that I had to drive really really far from home to commit fun acts. Fun acts I committed this weekend include:

  1. driving to my friends' house for the first time on my own and getting the directions exactly correct except the very last one which I eventually figured out after reversing in the road a few times ;)

  2. not taking my laptop or my certification reading with me so that I wouldn't feel guilty about not working

  3. going with said friends to another fair for the purpose of consuming a corn dog, onion rings, and a huge milkshake

  4. eating pancakes and smoked cheese scrambled eggs for breakfast

  5. watching Blue Man Group live for the first time ever

  6. staring at a vast selection of baby booze bottles (what normal people call “travel size”) while my friend purchased fuki plum wine

  7. eating a roast beef sandwich the size of my head and more onion rings

  8. making fun of a super lousy season premiere of SNL, and being grateful for Studio 60's recognition of said lousiness

  9. consuming lattes and more pancakes for breakfast

  10. making a pirate coaster for Hay

  11. leaving one pound lighter than I arrived

What did you do this weekend?

No, I still have not taken photos of the magnets. See, follow-through sucks.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend...and I'm amazed that after eating all that you state you did that you left one pound lighter...lucky :P. I would love to see Blue Man live, hope you enjoyed!

Avitable said...

I watched Brick - definitely recommended, and the Veronica Mars premiere online. It was a great weekend!